Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No comparison really

In news today an Indiana man is facing charges because he killed his girlfriend and ate parts of her. The article did not say which parts - or if he pulled her teeth prior to or after the event.

There has also been considerable debate about whether or not there should be hog wresting (hawg rasslin) at the Indiana Fair this year. I have not seen this particular entertainment in action but it certainly does not sound like something the hogs would want to do.

I was somewhat entranced a few years ago in Vienna when I watched bikini clad women wrestling in baked beans. This was an American TV show and was on very late. But of course with hog wresting only the hog is unclothed – and the other wrestler is a man. No comparison really.

There is a somewhat cavalier attitude towards animals in this part of the world. One of the favorite sports is penning deer into a fenced paddock and shooting them – sometimes with bows and arrows. I think there is a restriction on napalm.

Our beloved Governor Pence is apparently spending $2 million to attempt to repair the damage he did with his rather ill-conceived and discriminatory legislation. I imagine the money is coming out of the ‘pothole fund’ so these will not be fixed for some time.

I am planting a flower bed around the large one in our road and will be conducting tours on horseback with refreshments on our porch at the end.  

My neighbors – and many others in the area – have signs in their lawns saying ‘Pence must go’. I certainly agree with this as it is unlikely that any replacement – even thought it will be a Republican – will be quite so antediluvian.


  1. I thought I warned you about Indiana, it is unique in many ways.I myself have never seen hawg rasslin and I am shocked to admit that. I did know of a woman who bit another woman's ear off during a cat fight, but that is an entirely different situation.

  2. Wait what...Baked Beans wrestling?

    Also, thanks for improving my vocabulary ... antediluvian ... Ill try to use it this week.

  3. fmcgmccllc: I am sure there is nowhere quite like it. I am not sure hogs can rassle - I think they just wriggle and try to get away

  4. Keegan88: I have also seen jelly wrestling.