Thursday, May 14, 2015

It is usually a cat

Duck in Oxford
Cate is now sometimes cycling to work. I am not sure why because it takes her an hour to prepare for this – the ride takes only 15 minutes so she gets no exercise – and it is simply dangerous to ride on roads in Indianapolis.

People have been killed after hitting giant potholes and being propelled into the road with great velocity.

I have protested about this – with as much success as I had when she decided to buy a dog – which has not yet arrived.

But I have now worked out where the cats can eat and where the dog doors need to go. I am now eagerly awaiting Rover’s arrival. Well not really but you know what I mean.

Our Green Mountain Boxwoods on the front porch made it all the way thru winter and died in spring. This was most disheartening and but is about average for me.

I have planted two new ones and have high hopes for them. I have replaced the Hollies I killed with Roundup – which kills plants easily but has little effect on weeds – as others have noted.

My lawn patches were entirely unsuccessful and I will need to revisit this and try another plan.

Our fountain has not yet been installed by the electricians and I have complicated things by running over and shredding its electric cord with the lawn mower. But they are skilled people and will be able to fix this.

We are going to Denver tonite – all things being OK with United. We are staying in Denver for two nights and then the Stanley hotel in the mountains for a couple of nights.

This hotel has special rooms with ghosts in them. I have not found our ghost yet. The weird and ghostly noises at night in our house usually turn out to be a cat doing something awful. But I am sure they are there somewhere.


  1. I was veRy discouraged by my lawn people. They did not stay out of the vineyard as told and put several weed-wacker marks on my beautiful square wooden posts. I had even work about an hour last Sunday to knock down the weeds. Plus they emptied my 40 gallon rain water barrel to use it for hauling trash. It is actually now in a more convenient place where it will be easier to water the pineapples and orchid. But I didn't notice it until after they had departed. I am never letting them work here again without me being here at the house.

    I hope you have nice weather in Colorado.

  2. I can't wait to hear about the Stanley.

  3. esb: It always amazes me what people will do unless you keep a close eye on them.

    fmcgmccllc: Wont be long