Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The others were just wimps

Lake Wolfgang
Today we had a fountain installed. Cate has always wanted a fountain and we finally bought one. The cost of running electricity to it is twice what the fountain cost because Javier and Joe have to dig holes under paths. I am sure it will be worth it and that the birds will love it.

It does splash water at an alarming rate so when it is on I will have to stand next to it with a bucket of water - but this is the least I can do to allow Cate to hear the tinkle of water.

Austrian clobber
When I tried on one of my Australian suits for the ANZAC day ceremony I found that it was much too small. I think I am a bit larger than I was. So I wore my Austrian clobber. I bought this for a New Year’s Eve knees up in Lake Wolfgang in 2012. This fitted but does look a bit weird outside Austria.  Most people at the ceremony were too polite to comment and probably put it down to eccentricity.

At the ANZAC ceremony I asked the man who had been here 25 years why the roads were so bad. He said it was mainly corruption. The bids are given in exchange for kickbacks and the road builders used inferior stuff (probably black popcorn) to ensure that the road lasted for a few month before disintegrating. Sounds about right.

I have bought and planted some new Holly bushes to replace those that have popped their clogs. I had a hand in the demise of one because I accidentally sprayed it with Roundup. Don’t ask. The others were just wimps.

Now I have to try to patch my lawn. Last year I put Weed ‘N Feed on the lawn and this killed all the broad leaf weeds. Unfortunately the lawn was mainly weeds so there are many gaping holes -  which makes the lawn a bugger to mow. So I have grass seed and topsoil and much fortitude. Along with a Jura coffee machine and ‘CafĂ© Espresso’ blend from Fresh Market this is all I need.


  1. Perhaps the people thought your outfit was Australian style, from a hundred years ago.

  2. No wonder people think there are kangaroos in Austria!

  3. Very handsome, were you fighting the urge to slap yourself and dance? Roundup doesn't seem to be working on my weeds! They must be a hardy bunch.

  4. I like the Austrian suit and I don't think I've ever seen an Australian one. Do you wear one of those cool hats with one side tacked up? ;)

  5. I thought you looked fabulous in your Austrian getup, and suspect that Australian clobber would have looked infinitely less distinguished..

  6. I adore the fountains, tinkle tinkle. The Austrian outfit is so austere, just right for Anzac day. I learned the Crown Princess of Denmark is Australian and she attended Anzac day very smartly attired and looking quite steely.

  7. esb: I am sure the Australians never dressed like that - expect when they were convicts and they suits with no collars.

    Merisi: There is a kangaroo in a zoo in Austria but it does not count.

    Sandy: I could never afford the 'Trachten" A good pair of leather shorts costs thousands.

    Merisi: There are kangaroos in Aust

  8. SK Waller: An Australian suit is just like an American suit. I don't have an Austrian hat but I have a couple of Akubras which I wear here.

    Merricks: I certainly would not have attracted so much attention.

  9. fmcgmccllc: Yes and one day she will be there Queen of Denmark She does look pretty good I will admit.

  10. Philippe : You've erased my comments. Are you really such a sad bastard ?