Monday, April 20, 2015

I just don't understand

I survived New York although I am a bit the worse for wear.  Hansel and Gretel are quite a challenge and I am not the child wrangler I used to be.

We went to the top of the Empire State building – my second time and we went early to avoid rush. Well we did avoid the rush but it was still very crowded.

We walked along the High Line which is the overhead railway line  that has been turned into a walkway and garden. We did not avoid the rush this time and it was packed.

There were joggers shuffling along amongst the teaming walkers. Hansel and Gretel did not like the walking involved with this and there were a couple of sit-downs which were ended only by promises of food or drink.

We went on the Circle Line – the boat that goes around Manhattan island. This was my second time and I realized that it takes 2.5 hours only because for most of the time the boat goes at half speed.

I guess this is to maximize the experience and whoever thought up this scheme did not have small children who have no interest whatsoever and spend their time playing Angry Birds on iPads.

We saw a rather moth-eaten Mickey Mouse in Times Square but the children were not fooled. They said that they had seen the real Mickey in Disneyland.

We saw on the news that one of the Cookie Monsters in Times Square had been arrested for molesting a young woman. There were many others so the kids will not miss out. No I don’t know what he did. 

And – amazingly – the kids did see a Glee actor. He was signing autographs outside a theater and was surrounded by a mass of people hollering and screaming and taking photos. There were grown up people doing this. I simply do not understand it.

Just like I don’t understand why at Disneyland there were grown up couples -  without children - whirling around in teacups and sitting on plastic horses on a Merry-go-round. 


  1. Adults in teacups are always confusing...

  2. Yesterday was my 25th anniversary of being an artist. The veRy first thing I drew that day was Mickey Mouse at 10:30 AM while looking at a small game cube that had Mickey, Minnie and D. Duck.

  3. Ha: My trash reminded me of you yesterday. As I picked up the cardboard box one of my renters had left to dispose of, there was Indianapolis in large letters on the side.

  4. Keegan88: Sure I went on three times - but I had children with me.

    esb: You would be very popular here. Perhaps we were exporting gays in the box. I wish it was bigots instead.

    1. It appeared to be a company that manufactures cosmetology supplies. I had never heard of them before and I didn't record the name of the company; I think it started with a K.

  5. Oh my goodness, that is it, oh my goodness.

  6. esb: Was it the KKK?

    fmcgmccllc: Yes indeed - I have said something like that quite a few times recently

    1. Ha, I thinK there was only one K in the name, but I was totaLLy unsuccessful at finding the company, so it is a mystery to me now.