Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day one

Well I survived the first day - just.

It is apparently Spring Break here which means that most American school children are here with us. I have never seen so many people in the one spot at the same time. You have to line up to do everything including walking along the street.

It is also very hot - much too hot for grandfathers.

But the important thing is that the children - Hansel and Gretel - are having lots of fun. So is their mother Kezza who had waited all her life to go on the 'it's a small world ride' which I also enjoyed immensely. I enjoy any ride where I can sit down and float on a boat thru a cool tunnel. It may be some time before I get the song out of my head.

There are enormous lines for most rides and we spent a lot of time lining up. Some lines we could not face - there was a 70 minute wait for the boat that plummets down the waterfall. I timed this ride - it takes 3 seconds to fall down the waterfall. That's about 23 minutes wait for every second.

In between rides and waiting Disneyland has thought of many excellent ways you can spend your time - and money. You can for example pay $4.25 for 10 cents worth of popcorn. Or there are about 20,000 merchandise stores where you buy 500 different types of mouse ears.

Speaking of which - Mickey was nowhere to be seen. We saw his house but there was a sign saying he was off doing something and was not available. Not available? WTF was he doing that is more important than being at Disneyland? Is there only one Mickey? Anyway we lined up for a picture with Minnie.

I went on all the rides except one. This was called the slimy slug or something like that. I sat this out because it was the end of the day and I was knackered. I did go on one scary ride which Kezza refused to go on. It was not my wish to do this but Hansel was too young to go on his own. I did not enjoy it a bit.

Today Kezza has taken the kids to the early session. She will come home and we will all go later today.

I am sitting in the iHop having bacon and eggs over easy with has browns.

I read the book about Steve Jobs. I didn't see anything about the iHop.






  1. "It may be some time before I get the song out of my head."
    I can still hear it, after all those years! ;-)

    We stayed at a Disney resort and had therefore the privilege of entry an hour before the general opening. That hour was the most fun, with the shortest lines.

  2. I grew up at Disneyland and I can tell you I'll never go back. It used to be fun, but now it's an exercise in avoiding being run over by exhausted mothers using their child's stroller like a Sherman tank.

  3. I am truly glad you survived. I got tired just reading and imagining me doing it...

  4. I think your brave beyond belief to go to Disneyland. Hope you survive the rest of it.

  5. Merisi: And I went back for a second helping!

    SK Waller: I can promise you I will never go there again.

    Esb: A most harrowing and exhausting performance. Three excruciating days.

    Annie: I thought it would be bad - bot not this bad.