Friday, April 24, 2015

It sure is quiet around here

I have seen many amazing sights over the last few weeks. Some of them have boggled the mind. My grandson eating spaghetti for example.

Hansel also likes buttons and pushes every one he sees. This is not always useful and Boris is coming today to fix the sound system and the upstairs TV – both of which no longer work.

Kezza found Hansel changing the IP addresses in the TV control center to ‘even up the numbers’. This is of course a logical thing to do – and if I was small I would have done the same because I hate untidiness - but it does tend to throw the TV off the signal which is flapping about the room trying to find a way in.

I remember many, many years ago when I was about Hansel’s age I fiddled with my uncle’s radio. It was one of those ancient things with a half moon dial and he had it tuned to a particular station.

I think I moved the thingy to the center of the dial because it looked tidier there. He was really unhappy because he could not listen to his favorite station without moving the dial back. This was for him apparently a major event and he carried on like a pork chop for days.

I mean it would have taken him maybe two seconds to fix it – he did not have to climb mount Everest without oxygen – but he was a world class curmudgeon. He was not even really my uncle. I bet he was unkind to animals too.

Hansel is also endlessly fascinated by escalators, elevators and moving walkways. When he sees one he gets on or in it – depending upon what it does – and no matter where it is going. We often saw him disappearing into the distance – going the way in which we were not.

But he is of course a small boy and this is what small boys do. I can only hope that his children and grandchildren are just like him.

I think they had a good time. Kezza certainly did – which is the main thing.

I will miss them all of course – but it sure is quiet around here.  


  1. Ah, the looking back. I bet you are a great and brilliant grandfather.

  2. Perhaps you could push some buttons yourself... and blame the cats? Just for your amusement of course. I remember when we got our first video player, we had no idea and in the end it was our 4 yr old who taught us. hahahaha

  3. I think the interesting thing about younger distant relatives is that they change so much between visits, so its like meeting partially new individuals.

    I can't imagine living without spaghetti. It and pizza are a constant in my life except for occasional brief periods of lasagna. And I am not the least bit originaLLy Italian but I guess I am slowly becoming one.

  4. fmcgmccllc: I have been known to get a bit tetchy - but mostly I am good.

    Sandy: I have reached the age where the buttons I push are mostly the wrong ones.

    esb: I don't see mine all that often so there are big changes. I love past of all types/