Saturday, April 11, 2015

I am confident they have more up their sleeves

We are back in Indianapolis after a great time in San Francisco. I had forgotten how much I love that city - which I used to visit often but had not seen it for 15 years.

It appeared that all the Americans who were not in Disneyland were in San Francisco. We lined up for everything including the cable cars - which were always packed.

On the first occasion we lined up for 40 minutes and were going to get the next cable car – but the system stopped running because of a glitch.

We did all the touristy things including Fisherman’s Wharf – which I am pleased to see is just as schlocky and gruesome as it always was. There you can buy tons of excruciating junk at extraordinary prices or get ripped off in the amusement parlors. A travelers dream come true.

Not everything was schlocky and overpriced though  - I got a dozen mini donuts for $6 – excellent value.

The Sea Lions are there and smell just as bad as they always have. We had crab cakes in a restaurant which had a great view of Alcatraz - which we did not visit but which has so many visitors you have to book in advance.

Naturally we walked across the bridge. Well Kezza and  Hansel did. Gretel threw a wobbly half way across and I had to take her back to the starting point where we were able to buy smoothies so we would be kept alive until lunchtime.

We also went to the Academy of Sciences where there was a 30 minute line for the rainforest and the café. We chose the café and I had an excellent hamburger. I mainly loafed about while Kezza and the kids did all the things they wanted to.

The best thing about San Francisco is that you can buy espresso coffee almost anywhere –  and there was an espresso bar in our hotel. So when I became coffee deprived I could just have a hit down there.

We have a few days in Indianapolis where a feast of entertainment waits. There is the children’s museum – White river park – downtown – the best burgers in the mid-west (so I am told) and lots of shopping for Kezza.

Yesterday we took Hansel to Target where he desperately wanted to buy some plastic things which cunning marketers had come up with. Their ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. They come up with this weird concept – release cartoon and then market millions of different characters related to the show.

He bought a whole bunch of these and they quite made his trip. Gretel bought a Barbie doll. Apparently they still make them. She seems to be taller than she was and is perhaps a bit malnourished.

When I was young I used to play with a wooden peg – and perhaps the dog’s bones when he had finished with them.

We leave for New York on Tuesday. Have we got some things to see there!

Someone has hung a great big sign at Indianapolis.

‘Indianapolis welcomes All people’.

I guess this one one step towards mitigating the damage caused by our idjit Republican legislation and our idjit governor. They caused an immense furore – and quickly backed down from the stupidest piece of legislation I have seen for a while.

I am confident they have more up their sleeves. 


  1. OMG I did not realize this was a seas to shining seas tour.

    Good luck and all that.

  2. When I was a child I would pretend that shoes were boats. That is much easier than pretending boats are shoes.

  3. Saw something about a doctor refusing to provide services to a child because her parents had the same bits...

  4. fmcgmccllc: I am afraid so - but we are coming to an end.

    esb: I did that too. You really need clogs for that.

    Keegan88: Anything is possible in America.