Thursday, April 17, 2014

It will of course include key lime pie

We finally got our bird bath and eagerly awaited the arrival of hundreds of thirsty birds. None so far – although one perched on the edge of the bird bath and peered at the water. Still – it took a while for our feeders to attract attention so we are not concerned at this stage.

Our air conditioners started making a clacking noise a while ago so our AC man Dave took a look at it. He said it was a loose flange and that he would fix it as soon as he could get parts – and we had our six monthly service.

Much more ghastly noises became apparent last week so Dave came back yesterday and spent an hour or two ferreting about in the gizzards. The good news is that he knows exactly what it is – the other flange motor is cactus.

The bad news is that he can see no way of getting to it as it is up inside the housing on the top floor – and is surrounded by solid walls with no access. It looks like he will have to cut a hole in the wall to get at it.

He said I should not worry and that he will talk to John – who renovated the house – to see what they can come up with. I personally have no doubt that we will end up with a complete shambles – and more repair work.

Cate has organised another dinner for colleagues who are arriving in May from Europe - so I have to think about another menu. Of course it will include key lime pie and Bourbon glazed carrots – but the rest is open for discussion.

I am thinking about Australian lamb – which abounds in Indianapolis – but cooking lamb to everyone’s preferred degree of doneness is tricky.


  1. Not sure about the timing in Indy but grilled asparagus could be a nice side.

  2. As an HVAC guy I am disappointed that they instaLLed your system in such a manner. All serviceable parts of a system should be able to be replaced without construction work, wow!

  3. I got New Zealand lamb today, at Naschmarkt. Deboned leg of lamb at €22 the kilo. I think the price is good. Could have had locally raised at €15, but I know the NZ lamb, so that it is what we'll get for Easter dinner. While there, it was about Happy Hour time, I walked the length of Naschmarkt and there was orange Aperol spritz on many outdoor tables, backlit by the sun.

  4. Did you pan with the duck in order to get that shot? Nice one.

  5. Oh, its two ducks! I had to zoom in to see both of them.

  6. fmcgmccllc: You are right. I nearly did this last time - but will need to practise it first.

    esb: I am sure John has a secret way of doing this - we just don't know what it is.

    Merisi: It's about $15 a puns here at the moment. I remember the Aperol in the sun - quite spectacular.

    esb: Yes I got lucky. This was the only one that worked put of about 50. Yes indeed it is two ducks - a boy and a girl.