Monday, April 14, 2014

It was very loggy

The Little Log Cabin in the Woods lived up to its name. It is very loggy  but was surprisingly comfortable.

There was – however – no Internet or TV so I missed out on the US Masters on the weekend and did not see Bubba win his second green jacket.

When we checked in - the owner said that the area was teeming with wildlife but we saw nothing – nothing – during the entire weekend.

No squirrels, deer, skunks, foxes, beavers or bats, lizards or snakes. We saw not even one bird – except in the far distant sky. 

There is not much in French Lick apart from a thumping great hotel and casino and the West Baden Springs Hotel. In great anticipation we booked a table for Saturday night at the 1875 steak restaurant in the hotel – and were mightily disappointed.

The other two nites we ate Candy’s Chili- and it was delicious.

I made Cate go to the casino as I had never been to one before. It was not like anything I have seen in a James Bond movie. Apart from the fact that everybody smoked – the standard of dress seemed to be beach grunge.

We saw the Ohio river and some of Southern Indiana. Which is much like Northern Indiana. We are itching to go to Kentucky and are thinking of going to the races.


  1. Yes, Kentucky! About time you get ahold of a proper mint julep!. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the chili call out, we like it. Yes, the casino's here are quite tawdry and most of the social security set seems to be in wheelchairs. Quite sad actually. Love almost any kind of racing.

  3. I discovered information about Guthrie OK and think I wiLL travel there soon.

  4. There is a wonderful museum at Churchill Downs. Take time (lots of time) to see it. There are tours too, on non race days, but you can see them exercising the horses. Also, if you go to Lexington, there is the Kentucky Horse Park, another wonderful place with a museum, but also examples of every kind of horse you can think of. I could have spent two or three days there. Check out their schedule, they do have events there as well. When we went, it was a Paso Fino show. I had never heard of them. They were cool.

  5. Merisi: I have always wanted one of those.

    fmcgmccllc: Perhaps I should visit the Indy Casino to make sure - but I am not sure I could cope.

    esb: Please tell me why you want to go to Guthrie.

    Mary Anne Rudolph: We have never been to a race so are really looking forward to it.