Monday, April 28, 2014

Dry as a bird's bum

The NRA convention was a great success and people who were interviewed said they would like to come back to Indianapolis again. There were no gun incidents which proves that having a convention center full of guns does not encourage violence.

Sarah Palin gave a rousing speech – of which I saw a brief part – and said that they were not going to take her guns away. She did not say who ‘they’ were but I imagine it might be someone who lives in the White House and is known to sneak around at night and steal guns while law abiding citizens sleep.

Meanwhile – any doubts about Hillary Clinton running for President can be put to rest. On the weekend she spoke about how her faith sustains her and guides her life. This is a sure fire indicator – and is a requirement for anyone who runs for any office in America.

Deckman and Son removed our old deck on Friday and they were supposed to start building the new one today - but it is raining. This is good because our garden is as dry as a bird’s bum and we really need lots of rain to bring our plants properly to life.

Except for the Yews. I am sure the yews are dying. I wax and wane a bit about this but had a really close look and there are more brown and crispy bits than I have seen before.  I smothered them in fertilizer on the weekend but think it is probably too late.

The rain does not stop the squirrels and when they are out in the rain they put their tails over their heads and use them like umbrellas.


  1. We need more animals with built-in umbrellas. I am thinking I might need one before the night is finished. A squirrel or an umbrella. I think I remember Daniel Boone having a hat made of some critter.

    I meant to ask you if you had rainbow eucalyptus in Australia. I saw some pictures of them from friends.

  2. esb: The rain does not bother birds at all. 60 years ago i used to have a Daniel Boone hat. His was made from a raccoon - but mine was probably fake fur.

  3. 60 years! Wow, you don't look a day older than 58, 59 tops. I think I saw a picture of me as a tiny child with one on too. I think the actor was Fess Parker ... yes, that's the right person, who portrayed Daniel Boone.

    I recently used a font to achieve a broken effect in a design similar to the words on the church sign. The font was named Death From Above. It was for a football team.

  4. I want to see photos of the squirrel's umbrellas please. Sounds so cute. We need more cuteness in the world and fewer nincompoops and guns, even nincompoops WITH guns.

  5. esb: Yes I regret to say that I am indeed ancient.

    Sandy: Next time it rains I will take a pic and post it.