Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why do parents do this?

Last nite it started snowing – yes snowing – and did not stop until lunchtime today. This is just crazy.

Last week most of our plants started producing buds. The snow was nature’s way of telling them not to get too eager.

I killed the indoor plant I bought about a month ago. This was a new world record for me. I think it started dying when I picked it up in Lowes. I have told Cate I will not buy any more indoor plants because I just cannot cope with the inevitable losses and subsequent trauma.

Sure everything I plant outside dies as well – but it does not do so in front of me and I may not notice it for ages - when one day I look at a curled up brownish crispy thing and think – ‘didn’t we have an Aspidistra there a while ago?’


The line above was typed by Sissi. I refuse to let her do what she really wants to do – which is sit on the keyboard – so she hovers at the end of the desk and marches across it every five minutes. She is rubbish at typing. 

I have been collecting unusual names of check out people. In the last four days I have seen Waynomi, Roechelle, Jezzica and Synthia. I am not sure why parents do this to their children.

What’s the matter with good old fashioned names like Molly, Lenny and Biggles.


  1. Have you tried Hibiscus? Is about the only plant that survives my tender loving care. In Washington, I'd keep them on the deck during summer, which plants and hummingbirds enjoyed immensely. Indoors during winter, they'd drop all leaves, but come back a few weeks later, leaves and buds, ready to be taken outside again for the warmer season. Costco used to sell them this time of the year, the tree-like variety. Great value.

    Maybe you need one of those gadgets with a timer, they water the plant on preset schedules?

  2. You would not believe the names that some of the students at my school have. I just flicked over and looked at the Year 12 list; in the first 10 names were included a Jovin, an Incense, a Taylin, a Chevey-Lee, a Josaye and a Dash !

  3. I would think that cactus would be compatible with Badger. Some of them are beautiful and bloomy. I think our snow disappeared yesterday, but I did see a large chunk on Main Street that probably fell off a vehicle. I am thinking that tax day must coincide with The Annual Thaw and Runoff.

    Did you see the new show Fargo on FX? My son and I enjoyed it, I predict it will be a massive hit.

    1. We didn't like Cooper's name when he got it but he wasn't our dog yet.

  4. Most indoor plants are killed by over-watering. Best to have a set day once a week for watering, then leave them alone, outside of a good feeding once every six months.

    I don't get the misspelled name thing, either. What's wrong with just spelling it Jessica or Cynthia? And whenever I meet a kid named Billy or Kathy (which is rare), I want to hug the parents. If I were young and having my boys, I'd name my one of them Jack, after my father. Jack is a great name.

  5. When I see those names, quite often, I always wonder if the parents had a clue to what damage they were inflicting on the kids. And how do you pronounce some of these names?

  6. I like your Innsbruck photograph, it has an interesting surreal cloudiness on the mountains with the ski runs.

  7. Merisi: We should give that a try. I will talk to our garden person. I think my problems is over watering - so a timer might be the best thing.

    Alexia: Your names beat mine hands down.

    esb: Hmmm...I would have cactus but I would have to convince Cate. We have not seen Fargo yet - but it is on our watch list.

    SK: You are right - see above. Jack is indeed a great name. I have a grandson Jake which is also good - and simple.

    fmcgmccllc: Quite. These kids will spend their entire lives explaining the spelling.

    esb: It is a wonderful landscape. I can never get enough of snow covered mountains.