Friday, July 27, 2012

The lambs travel business class

I am pleased to report that Cate once again has a notebook computer and an iPad thanks to some heroic efforts from Rozalin.

No the original ones did not turn up – they are gone forever – but Rozalin is good at foraging and getting replacements quickly for the very many things that Cate loses or breaks.

I could tell you about when she dropped her iPhone into the toilet but that would be indelicate. (It still works).  

When Cate does not have online communications with her far flung empire she is like a caged Lion. And being in the same place as her is like being in the lion’s cage.

Incidentally - Apple has released a new versions of its Mac software. It is called OS X Mountain Lion and does 200 new things.

I have looked at the list of new features and don’t understand most of them – I probably use about 10% of the features of my iMac and Mac Air – but will probably get the software because if you get out of date you find inevitably that things stop working properly.

And anyway Apple needs the money because sales of the iPhone had plummeted as people wait for the new one in October.

On Tuesday I made my very first Lamb Biryani. We don’t eat a lot of lamb because it is simply so expensive. The lamb I bought on Tuesday was €46 per kilo. Holy Toledo!

I think that there may be a lamb quota is Austria and the whole country is only allowed about a dozen each year. I have never seen sheep in Austria - perhaps they are imported from Australia - and travel business class on Austrian Airlines. 

I used a Bill Granger recipe and it was adequate but not exciting. There was something – as yet undefined – that was missing in order to give it some oomph. I will need to do more research. 


  1. Lamb comes from New Zealand! ;-)

  2. Lamb is one thing I do not recall seeing on menus in Austria. Veal, garlic and chicken seemed to be the norm.

    Cate is very blessed with her helper bees, Big Daddy does not always get the support he needs.

  3. The best biriyani (seafood that time) I've had was in Queenstown a few years ago and when we went there earlier this year I tried to find the restaurant but couldn't. Until the last night when we'd just bought our dinner else where. I always order it here but, as you say, it always lacks something. And my efforts were laughable.

  4. Lamb vs Buffalo

    €46 per kilo
    $56.63 per kilo
    $56.63 per 2.205 pounds
    $25.68 per pound

    That is about what they charge for buffalo steaks in my supermarket. Well, what they used to charge before people stopped buying it and they no longer carry the product. I stopped buying it after it went over $20 per pound. I did buy $11 per pound ground buffalo so I could have lasagna last week. Mmm .... I should make some more this weekend. We bake a little more often when it rains simply because it is so hot this time of year.

  5. Merisi: That explains it - they travel business class on Ai New Zealand.

    fmcgmccllc: The most popular meat here is pork.

    Sandy: How does one find the missing ingredient. I will look at more recipes.

    esb: Wow: Hmmm... How odes Buffalo meat taste - gamey?

  6. I think it is easy to overcook. My best friend Susie has alot of elk with husband being a big time hunter. I think an elk burger of hers tasted a little more gamey than my buffalo burger. I think proper packaging helps too. I have gone through a transition where my store changed its supply from North Dakota, then Oklahoma, and now Colorado, and the Colorado had less smell while cooking, according to my wife. Each state was/is a separate company, and the Colorado are flash frozen and vacuum sealed. On my trip to South Dakota five years ago I tried buffalo steak three times in restaurants and the meat was always grisslely, but the Colorado steaks were utterly remarkable, but eXpensive. Of course with those ones I was in control of the cooking process, and had my favorite brand of BBQ sauce.

  7. You'll see flocks of sheep in Austria in the mountain or Voralpen regions. When you travel about an hour west of Vienna, then turn south towards Maria Zell, you'll drive through an area that is quite well known for the excellent fresh sheep milk cheese produced there.

    A goodnight song for sheep lovers everywhere,
    Sheep may safely graze.

  8. Congratulations to the Australian Golden Girls! :-)

  9. Christ, that's expensive lamb! I hope it was worth the price.

  10. esb: I will give it a try when I visit you.

    Merisi: Well there you are - I have never seen even one.

    Smedette: Not really!