Monday, July 2, 2012

Thank you Spain

Stadtpark 22 June

For some reason I had imagined that Australians were more jingoistic - in respect of sport – than other countries.

Whenever the Olympics or international events were held – in which Australia was represented – we always got nauseating coverage of every Australian contestant  - and bugger all information about anything else.

But my experience since being in Austria – and watching British TV – is that they are just as bad - if not worse.

At the end of events they will – for example – interview British athlete Nancy Nudge - who came 12th in the Hop, Flop and Drop – and may not even tell us who won.

All we are getting on SKY Sports at the moment is endless talk about the British athletes and their prospects for the games.  I think they start soon - and I am not looking forward to it at all. But I guess most countries are the same – unfortunately.

However – a piece of good news. The Italians were soundly thrashed by the Spanish in the final of Euro 2012.

I hate the Italian Football Team.

I hate them because they cheat – a lot. In the 2006 World Cup Australia nearly made it to the Quarter Finals and in the game against Italy held them to a draw. In the last minute of play an Italian player took a dive to get a penalty and Italy won the game. The Italian Cheating Diving Team then won the World Cup.

My research since then has shown that the Italians are probably the worst cheats in world football - but that their fans expect them to cheat - because winning is the only thing that counts. The statistics from that World Cup show that they were awarded the most number of fouls (i.e. they dived more than anyone else).

Anyway – whenever there is an international competition I now have to put a curse on Italy. I know this is tedious but someone has to do it.

This time I was feeling particularly vindictive so I let them get to the final – so as to maximize the hurt and humiliation.

I apologize to those Italians whom I know and love but – you brought it on yourselves.


  1. Very enjoyably funny. Luckily I am not Italian.

  2. Great win, wasn't it? Even in Catalunya, which is begrudgingly a part of Spain, the win was celebrated with more openness that usual. It does help that there were 8 Barcelona players on the squad with 7 getting time on the pitch in the final!

    It's the first time that Spain has beaten Italy in a competitive 90mins of football in 92 years. ;.)

  3. esb: Well most Italians are nice. It's only the football players I don't like.

    nzm: Very enjoyable - and about time for Spain

  4. (Imagine tiny voice, please)
    I think this year, the Italian team arrived at the last game with fair play and deservedly so. *duck&run*

  5. Great for the Barcelona players!!!! And totally agree the italian team uses to cheat a lot. Regards form Buenos Aires, Vania Lorena Casasola.

  6. Merisi: Perhaps - but they have a lot to atone for.

  7. The Italian team did the same to NZ in pool play at the 2010 World Cup.

    NZ was leading 1-0, and an Italian player dived in a tackle. Penalty. 1-1.

    Didn't help them though - they still crashed out.