Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One must have ready access to life's essentials

Sunset from our cabin 
I get wistfully homesick every time I visit Australia. There is no other place like it on the planet.

As I mentioned – we stayed on an Alpaca farm in the Hunter Valley – which is one of Australia’s major wine producing areas.

It was a wonderful place to stay – and apart from the astonishing racket made by the ducks and birds – was very peaceful indeed. (I am sure that Alpacas make a variety of noises – but they were silent during our visit). 

Each dusk and dawn a big mob of Wallabies came to feed and water themselves  on the property next door – an amazing sight to see for anyone other than an Australian – for whom it is very unsurprising indeed.

Every time we do this we think that we would like to live in the country – and that could well be where we end up. Although it is likely to be in a country town rather than in isolation on a farm.

After all – one must have ready access to a coffee shop and a Patisserie.

And we certainly wouldn’t be trying to grow things – including Alpacas. I have demonstrated quite clearly over many years that I should not be put in charge of God’s creatures or plants.


  1. Perhaps you could run the patisserie and coffee shop?
    I saw on Better Homes & Gardens a bit about a lady who has 100 Alpacas and a few of them come in the house and are treated like big dogs. They even climb in the back of the station wagon when they go to town. Very impressive animals.
    Glad to have you back...

  2. there is a little shop and house for sale in Tarana mate- 1 and 1/2 hours drive from Sydney. Beautiful place. The fish River ( trout) Evans crown reserve, small to medium sized acres.. 4 seasons... google it..

  3. Sandy: Good grief - I would be terrible at running a coffee shop - all I want to do is drink it! I will check with the cats to see if they would like an Alpaca.

    Simon: Looks good - but see above