Sunday, July 1, 2012

At least there were no dickwits

Paphos Mosaics
She went to the airport in Peoria but because of storms in the Washington area her plane did not arrive - so she had to go back to the hotel. They were not particularly surprised to see her - and gave her her old room back. 

There is a golf championship being played at the Congressional course in Maryland and I was watching it last night and saw the enormous amount of storm damage that had been done to the course during the previous evening.

There were so many trees damaged and uprooted that the officials  they did not allow spectators onto the course – so the golfers played without an audience – probably the first time this has ever happened. It was eerie not having any spectator noise but at least we did not have dickwits shouting 'garn the hole' after every shot. 

It is ferociously hot here at the moment but the air conditioning is holding up so it is a  quite manageable 26° in the apartment.

The cats are not very sensible in the heat. They can always find the warmest spot in cold weather but during summer – no matter how hot it is – they can’t work out that the bathroom floors are the coolest places in the apartment. 

Our next adventure is home leave and we depart for Australia on Friday. First stop is Brisbane to see Cate’s family and of course her mother in hospital.

We have only a brief overnight stay in Sydney because we are meeting my clan – all of them – on an Alpaca farm in the Hunter Valley. Not that there are that many of us – just three brothers and our families.

This is such an auspicious occasion that even Molly is coming home from Paris for the event.


  1. For a person who has never actuaLLy met an alpaca up close, I like them very much. They are my favorite cameloid.

  2. haha!
    haven't heard that in ages!

  3. I hope we can keep the nice weather for you when you arrive in Brisbane. The weather last week was just AWFUL (cold, raining, windy and miserable !!!) but it cleared up nicely on the weekend - long may it last !!!

    Travel safely !

  4. esb: I will get a pic for you.

    freefalling: No other word describes them properly

    Me: Would be happy for some COOL at the moment.

  5. Are you stiLL in Australia? And by 'stiLL' I meant 'there', not 'motionless'.