Monday, July 23, 2012

He takes some getting used to

Cate makes friend with some Alpacas

The most exciting thing that happened while we were on holidays was that Cate lost both her notebook computer and her iPad. We think she left these in the taxi in which the driver was berating us for taking his cab such a short distance.  

We were in a hurry to leave - so might have left them behind. We have – of course called the company – but I don’t think this particular driver would have turned them in.

This did not happen until the trip home but she was very distraught because she had lots of work that she had done in Australia and could not access it – and on the way home on the plane had to resort to watching movies.

Also she could not access emails and I thought for a while she may have to be sedated. Cate is not happy when she is not in touch with her world.

In theory she can access emails from her BlackBerry but this often does not work when she is outside Austria – and did not in Australia. Just one of those weird communications things.

The cats were very pleased to see us back and were interested to hear about the Henderson’s Exotic Short Cat called Pugsly. I have never seen a cat quite like Pugsly – and he takes some getting used to. 

Monika and Sissi refuse to believe that Pugsly is in fact a cat – and I must admit – at first glance……

But he is quite lovely and affectionate when you get the hang of him -  and only defecates on their bed when it is absolutely necessary.


  1. Do alpacas spit?

  2. smedette: They may do - but not at us.

    esb: No - for security reasons she has to use the company server - but the docs she was doing were not on there because she did not have a connection.

  3. That's what happens when you work while you're on holidays.

    I second Merisi!

  4. Merisi: Precisely.

    Annie: Precisely