Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who would steal a pair of pliers?

Well the boxes have been brought up from the basement. Cate asked me if they smell. Well of course they don’t smell. They have been in a perfectly dry basement for four years.  But they will be very dusty -which is why I am not going near them when Cate opens them. I am allergic to dust.

The (very bad) photo is of Sissi standing guard over the boxes – with Stephansdom in the background.

Did I tell you we have new neighbours? The Beckenbauers moved in next door a few months ago (replacing the Katzenjammers who went back to Hamburg).

They seem like a nice family – as far as one can tell these days. Herr Beckenbauer is German and Frau Beckenbauer is French and they have been in the USA for the last few years and he is now working for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The day they moved in they came over to see me (Cate was away) with a bottle of wine. Which we drank.

The next day Frau Beckenbauer came over to borrow some ‘tongs’ to put their furniture together. Turns our she meant pliers - but we got there eventually after we had explored my kitchen.

So I gave her three pairs of pliers of varying types and two days later they left two pairs on my doorstep. One pair was missing. What to do?

Now – having thought about this – I am convinced that they would not wilfully steal my pliers. So – they have either made a mistake or the pliers have been stolen from my doorstep. This is possible – other things have been.

Perhaps a discerning thief appraised the three sets of pliers and thought ‘those two are rubbish but I will have this set’.

So I could go to them and say – you have forgotten  to return my pliers. A normal person would do this – and sort it out.

Me? I dislike confrontation of any type and would hate to start our relationship off on the wrong foot.

So I just bought a new pair of pliers from Hornbach. I may not have done this if they had borrowed the Mercedes 200E.

But they do have a small dog that barks incessantly. More of this later.


  1. Ah, tooling thieves. I too do not care for confrontation unless it is very serious.

    Yapping dogs are another story and I would be at your door early and often on that one. I remember a neighbor who once put their (short-lived) dog outside our bedroom window which was opposite their bedroom for the night.

    Big Daddy moved that dog at midnight and it was never discussed again. Nothing nefarious of course.

  2. I neVer loan the tools that I try to make a living with. I have lost enough tools to one of my chiildren. It is nice to have a cat wiLLing to guard your prized possessions. I am pretty sure that someone wealthy enough to live in an upscale part of Wien that works with radioactive atoms probably wouldn't purposely steal your pair of pliers.

  3. Sorry, that was me. Needed to dismantle the last bits of my marriage. Will return them shortly.

  4. Ha!
    My mum and dad reckon someone stole a bottle of Charlie Carp from their backyard.

  5. Oh, no! Am groaning at the thought of a small barking dog. Noise cancelling headsets?

    Can't wait to tell Jim!

  6. Is the pair of pliers for some nuclear project? He works for IAEA!!!

  7. fmcgmccllc: Fortunately we cannot hear the dog unless we are outside their front door.

    esb: You are probably right. They will probably find them one day and wonder where they came from.

    Wanderlust: I also have a large hammer in case you need to pound anything.

    freefalling: A large bird stole all the fish from our pond in Sydney.

    Annie: It's OK - we cannot hear it - unlike in Lilyfield.

    I miss Macau: He might be dismantling reactors!