Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There is only one problem

Sacre Coeur from Molly's kitchen window

Well I am in Paris in Molly’s apartment. It is bigger than her last apartment by a couple of square metres – which is a lot for Paris.

I am sleeping in Molly’s bed – which had to be trimmed with a hand saw to fit into the bedroom – and she is sleeping on the sofa bed – which I had to assemble when I arrived.

I could not really understand the instructions – which for me are always usually impenetrable – but achieved this without too much fuss at all and amazingly – it works and turns from a sofa into a bed.

The only problem with Molly’s apartment is that it is on level 5 - and there is no elevator. This does not bother Molly at all because she hates elevators and is very fit - but it does mean that my expeditions into the wide world are planned carefully.

I brought the smallest suitcase and the fewest clothes I could – but in any event Molly carried the suitcase for me up all those stairs while I panted along behind her.

Merlin – her cat – has so far pretty much ignored me but on the upside he has only scratched me once. I expect that he will get used to me again after a few days and start smooching around me on the day I leave.

So far we have been to two excellent Japanese restaurants – which abound in her area. On the whole it is nicer than where she was. There are almost no tourists and – because of this – the prices of everything are a lot cheaper.  


  1. At level five do you get a good view?

  2. Amazed at your success with the sofa bed. Sounds like a fun time, more pictures please.

  3. But does she have a balcony fitted up for her cat? Very important.

  4. Hi Badge. Jealous you are in Paris. I am seriously trying for a job up there. Already turned one down on basis it wasn't up to scratch. It is only a matter of time..... Be a bit scary having a llama on the same continent. Hope my girlfriend is OK- wherever in the world she happens to be at the moment. L

  5. I wandered around the neighborhood in Google Earth yesterday. The Basilique du Sacré-Cœur is in a 3D rendering.

  6. Only a peek at Sacre Coeur and of level 5 of all the other apartments.

    fmcgmccllc; Not as amazed as I was.

    Wanderlust: It is on her list.

    Rachel: Hello dearest Llama. Cate was in Cairo. will be in Dubai tomorrow and then India the week after!!

    esb: It was in 3D when I saw it too.