Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She will never miss them

Belvedere and 4 Ducks 29 May 2012

Well Cate has finally escaped from India and is now in Dubai where she says she has a suite at the Mövenpick hotel. I think having a suite means that she has a table and chairs as well as a bed.

But maybe not. Because she travels so much she often gets upgrades to pretty special rooms.

She says that the Mövenpick is not as nice as Raffles where we stayed – but she is there strictly on business this time so can’t expect too much.

I have been spending some time in the basement trying to organise the shemozzle down there and throwing away a few things. I can’t tell you what these are because Cate will immediately decide that she cannot live without them.

However, if I never tell you what they are I guarantee she will never miss them.

OK I will tell you a couple of things. There was an old rug and a couple of old pillows.

I noticed that the Reindeer Rug is still lurking down there. I wonder if we should give it another run upstairs. Probably not – Mrs Moneypenny may have a nervous collapse.  

I just know it is busting to shed all over Vienna again.


  1. Big Daddy does not like to dispose of any items, he keeps it all. He started doing his own laundry when he noticed he no longer had clothes. I on the other hand am known as the Queen of pitching. Then I cry that someone came in and stole my things.

  2. My wife accused the dry cleaners with stealing something *once*. she found the item buried in her closet months later and did I have fun with that! When she would wonder where something was located, clothing usuaLLy, I would say in a conspiracy voice, "I bet the dry cleaner came and stole it."

  3. I really need to get out into our garage and throw some stuff out, then put the rest in the attic.

    But I'll probably put it off for another year.

    Meanwhile, we park in the drive...

  4. The inability to throw things out runs in my family. My eldest brother has a double garage - full - so he built another double garage - also full. Then he built a shed and that's full too. Cars park in the driveway.

    We just have Jim's shed that is full and impassable, i.e. impossible to enter so how can we clean it out? And then there's my 'shed', otherwise known as the laundry, which I struggle around the clutter to do the washing, drag out the vacuum cleaner or grab the esky. Piles of junk stack up and the laundry basket sits perilously on top... The junk would take too long to sort out so the collection continues to grow month by month :-(

  5. fmcgmccllc: You are the exact opposite of Cate. She cannot throw anything away - but still accuses me of stealing her things.

    esb: Yeah that has happened here as well.

    SK Waller: I am sure you have better things to do.

    Annie: I have seen your place. There is room for another shed.

  6. Still looking for the ducks ....