Friday, May 18, 2012

I use a matchbox for the white king

Some kind person sent me this mouse mat in the mail. It came via Deutsche Post from a European supplier. No card and no message. 

So thank you to whoever sent it.

My son Lenny has been giving me a sound beating at Chess recently so I thought I should do some practice.   I bought a book and a Chess set and put it in my study.

Sissi likes the Chess pieces. She knocks them on the floor, carries them round the house and hides them.

She did this when we were in Dubai and – while I found most of the pieces – I now have to use a matchbox  for the white king.

And Vienna has its first Cat Café

This is one of the strangest things I have ever heard of but who knows - perhaps it is just what Vienna has been waiting for. After all – dogs in restaurants and cafes are quite common. But I don't think it is the right environment for Monika and Sissi. 


  1. That is a cute mousepad, but I didn't send it to you, then I realized I don't have your mailing address. I know just enough German to be able to read your mouse pad. I am sure there are plenty of computer chess programs to teach you as weLL.

    My new toy is a vacuum gauge capable of reading 1 micron. It should be able to help me do very accurate readings for leaks.

  2. A cat cafe? That's all kinds of crazy. Love the mousepad, though.

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. It seems to happen every year. Me missing it, I mean.

    Jim sends you his best wishes, too :-)

    Love the mousepad. No picture of Cate's present, though?

  4. esb: That vacuum gauge sounds fantastic. I might ask for one for my next birthday.

    Wanderlust: All kinds of crazy is a good description.

    Annie: No worries. There is no reason you should remember my birthday. Thanks to Jim.