Thursday, May 3, 2012

We love gambolling in Schladming

Schladming-Dachstein from the hotel 

Next week Cate is going to Cairo so I am going to visit Molly in Paris. I am quite sure that I will have a better time than Cate.

Molly and I will mooch about drinking coffee and wine and visiting graveyards to take pictures of cats. This is our favourite thing to do in Paris. Molly has also promised to take me to the Japanese quarter where there are some fabulous restaurants. They are all microscopic and you often have to line up to get in – but it is well worth it for the sensational food.

We both get back on Friday and on Saturday we leave for Dubai. Cate is going on business and I am going to have a look around. 

Then we get back on the following Friday and go straight to Schladming- Dachstein where we stay for a few days at our favourite Austrian hotel – the Schütterhof

We have been there a few times before and always have a nice time gambolling in the woods and fields.  There are some wonderful walks up into the mountains – where we struggle up pathways while fitter people (i.e. almost everyone else) bound past us.

Last time we did this we were sagging with exhaustion near the top of a climb when a man RAN past us carrying his infant son on his shoulders -  and the child’s stroller under his arm. 

The problem with our plans is of course that the cats are on their own for longer than we would like - and we know that they miss us when we are away.

Mrs Moneypenny will call daily to feed them and will spend some time with them but they are so used to having me with them every day that we know they get a bit lonely. But they do have each other and are as happy as clams with this.

But it cannot be helped. It is what it is and I will make it up them when I get back.


  1. My dog's happiness is one of my main concerns in life. He doesn't have a companion when I am away, but he sleeps. So maybe he dreams about me (?). I know for sure that he dreams because he barks and growls in his sleep every once in a great while, and then I laugh quietly in the dark.

    Dubai has been one of my favorite Middle Eastern places to study in the last few months.

    I think I have seen a photo very similar to the one in your blog post before. I believe it was on a calendar.

  2. it looks like a beautiful place to go. i really need to get out of vienna and explore some of austria!

  3. It is what it is, that is my favorite saying.

    Let me know about Dubai, never felt the need to drop in there.

  4. Jeez, you've got the life Badger. All power to you. Suddenly I feel the need to squeeze into a cafe somewhere and take pictures of unusual cats sleeping in quaint doorways. Enjoy...

  5. Dubai - land of tall, empty buildings and shopping malls filled with generic shops.

    Kate may be happy with that, but I doubt that you will be.

    I guess that it has to be experienced.

    When we lived there, we used to escape to Oman as often as possible to revive our souls.

    Have fun, Badger. ;.)

    Where are you staying?

  6. esb: I am comforted by the thought that the cats sleep most of the time.

    angiv: Schladming is a terrific place to visit.

    fmcgmccllc: I know - I borrowed it from you because it is so apt.

    Sandy: I am a very lucky man indeed.

    nzm: You make it sound so inviting. can't wait. Raffles is where we are staying.

  7. Sorry - didn't mean to come down hard on Dubai. We did love our time there, but then we were living there and had the op to drive where we wanted and plan to get away.

    However, when we did have people come to visit us, we used to get a but stuck for things to do if they weren't interested in shopping or looking at big buildings!

    Pyramid-shaped Raffles is right next to Wafi Mall which is the glitziest Fashion Label Mall, and one of the oldest. It's themed around Egypt and the pyramids. If it's still the same, there is a part of it which is full of Middle Eastern shops and restaurants.

    Get to Bur Dubai (old part of town), gold souk, spice souk, the creek area which are the traditional parts.

    There is also a big bus tour if you want to get your bearings and get to other areas.

  8. nzm: Thanks - I am looking forward to the restaurants and the souks.