Monday, April 4, 2011

Why the Hippopotamus cover up?

I have never understood why it is that as soon as I buy something from Amazon they immediately bombard me with advertisements for the same product. 
Since I bought my Dyson vacuum cleaner – which is terrific by the way – I get almost daily emails from Amazon Deutschland telling me about all the other wonderful vacuum cleaners they have.
Why would they think that - having bought a vacuum cleaner - I would immediately want to buy another one. I know – they don’t think that at all – it is just a software program that generates promotional emails.
Which is one of the problems with buy anything on Amazon – or indeed searching for anything anywhere – because then you are marked forever and followed everywhere by specials for whatever you bought or looked for. That is the price you pay for shopping online.
Which reminds me. I haven’t seen my Hamburger for a while. Remember the one the followed me everywhere and haunted my web searches? Maybe they realized that I am never going to buy a Hamburger and gave up.
‘It’s pointless Helmut – he just does not eat Hamburgers – you will have to try something else’
I just looked. They are trying me out with the new BMW 6 Cabrio – now there’s a leap!
I have always been fascinated by the Hippopotamus with the Jackhammer in the Egyptian section at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. 

I think it explains how the Egyptians built the Pyramids. I think it also explains why these days Hippopotami are always so cross - and drown any tourists that come near them.
Google is silent on this issue. I would expect that Archaeologists would have something to say on this very important aspect of civilization. I have never even seen it referred to in any of the shows on the History Channel about the construction of the Pyramids.
Why is there a cover-up about this?


  1. I know where your hamburger is.
    It's stalking me now.

  2. freefalling: Don't buy any. After a year it will go away.

  3. I absolutely love the picture. Wish I was there.