Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leopold Hawelka is older than Muffin.

There are people you do not expect to still be with us and one of them is Leopold Hawelka.
Café Hawelka is of course an institution in Wien and has been around for a very long time indeed. 
I had assumed that Herr Hawelka had left us a long time ago and was astonished to learn that not only is he with us but that he turns 100 today.
The café is now run by his grandsons and Leopold still goes there every day – and probably still tells them what they are doing wrong.
‘In my day we did it this way….’
I haven’t been there for a while and simply must go there again soon.
The photo is from Wikipedia. Merisi will have some wonderful photos but I could not find any as she does not allow us to search her treasure trove of fabulous goodies.


  1. I was there to celebrate (quietly) last Saturday and capture a few images. I have yet to finish the post I set out to publish. You can find some of my older posts by clicking on this link: Cafe Hawelka.

    I know, I know, my archive is AWOL.
    I am still on ye olde Blogger and my archive takes over half the blog space when I make it visible (more than five years of daily blogging leaves its marks). It looks ugly, one reason, the other reason is that I am not so proud of many of the nonsense I published! :-(

  2. Correction (my specialty!):
    "not so proud of some of the nonsense" ..... ;-)

    Btw, my avatar serves up a daily Hawelka Melange with the ubiquitous glass of pristine mountain water, straight from a Viennese tap. ;-)