Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Merlin reporting from Paris

Merlin reporting from Paris on Badger's behalf, just to say that a carrier pigeon has left several presents on my window sill, including a message from Badger, to let you all know that it's impossible
to blog from underwater so unfortunately he's likely to be incommunicado until he returns from holidays.

The text of the message was a bit blurry, but it said something about having seen manta rays doing what manta rays do, and the general gist was that all is well, not to worry, and he'll surface in a week or so.

I'll let you all know if any other pigeons/seagulls arrive bearing news.


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  3. Hi Merlin

    So glad the Badger's carrier pigeon arrived safely. I guess he's employing you to kill the spam?

    Sydney continues to enjoy Scotch mist - cool and damp weather - but not bad from a European viewpoint, I guess.

    Love the photo. Did Merlin get there all by himself?

    And who am I? One of the Badger's Lilyfield neighbours.

  4. Adorable photo, gotta love the places cats can sneak into. Your life seems really intriguing by the way, I've never been to Vienna!

  5. Loved the post on tea... you remind me of my husband's obsession with tea.

    Thanks for the laugh!
    Allison & Andrew

  6. Merci, Merlin!

    May I suggest that Badger check out Sherman's Lagoon? Their gadgets work fine underwater. ;-)

  7. Ha! We buy toilet paper in bulk and store it on the top shelf in the bathroom. Not sure how, but our cat, Flo, climbs into the bag and sleeps in all the rolls. She's even fallen off the shelf before but has never been hurt since she is surrounded by soft toilet paper....

    Great picture! Love your writing style!

  8. That's awesome about the manta rays, post some pictures if you've got the time. Nice cat, as for seagulls...I watched The Birds yesterday and I see birds differently !

  9. pictures, i'd love to see...

  10. thx for the report merlin.. awaiting badger's return, hopefully with some cool manta pics :)

  11. Hey Badger- Saint Gillard had a satellite dish on her head at the wedding whilst awesome Abbott was touring the outback/Christmas island/and talking to trade unions.

    Looks like your labor party is rooted mate.... See the latest editorials from "The Australian"

  12. Personally, I thought Saint Julia looked rather stylish and elegant in representing her people of Australia at the Royal Wedding.

  13. Rach: Hi will have a look.

    pepaco: will have a look at yours too.

    Annie: Merlin is a 'grimpeur' and climbs all over Melissa's apartment. Melissa of course being Badger's daughter.

    CYNDAI: My life is a ball. I am one lucky dude.

    Keeping time: Tea is worth obsessing about

    Merisi: I really need that coffee now.

  14. Marlee: We can't let Sissi near rolls of toilet paper or she turns them into snow. Thanks for the nice comments.

    Agnes in wonderland. Melissa's cat Merlin is a wonderful cat and very photogenic.

    Armand Cordero:Hmmm...birds are not really ferocious. Ducks are really friendly.

    Romantic: Sadly I do not take photos underwater - I am just no good at it.

  15. notforeverybody: See previous comment. I just cannot do it well. It takes a good camera, good diving skills, good visiblility and the right opportunity.

  16. Simon: She needs to keep in touch with what Mr Rabbit is doing. I can't read the Australia without projectile vomiting.

    Maalie: She always looks like that