Sunday, April 24, 2011

I shall remain under water for most of the time

I made a mistake about the bacon at breakfast. It’s actually called roast chicken bacon which I guess means it’s flattened pieces of chicken. It is really flat. It looks like it has been flattened by the man who did my fish the other night. This is an angry man who has a grudge against fish and chicken.
Which explains why there was no bacon in my ‘Caesar salad’ the other night. Which means that the only prohibited import on the island alcohol. Which means that alcohol is less offensive than pork - which I can sort of understand - and it makes as much sense as anything else to do with religion.
I will say no more about this otherwise Wan will be up me like a rat up a drainpipe.
I had a look at the thing about ‘Blogs of Note’ and – scarily  - it seems that they are chosen by actual people. This means that someone read my blog and thought that it was worth recommending to other people. I would like to meet that person and question them closely about what goes on inside their head.
Until I got my Blog of Note  award I was not actually aware that such an award  existed. It seems to exist mainly so that hordes of spammers can descend to flog their wares under the guise of congratulating me for the award. I have spent much of the last two days deleting these.
I have had other many nice and delightful comments which I have been pleased to receive. Thank you to all those wonderful people who took the trouble to leave these pleasant comments.
Many others do not understand the nature of my blog and seem to take some of my comments seriously. I have – for example – been berated for having a Viennese horse conduct a monologue with another Viennese horse about Fox news. It is apparently none of my business what happens in America.
What a great idea. Find new blogs and tell the writers what not to write in their blogs. I could amuse myself for hours doing that! Brilliant!
Well – excuse the fuck out of me but it is my blog and I will write what I like about what I like. There is no subscription charge and no obligation to read it – or to leave comments.
On balance I wish I had never received that award. I have checked and it seems that my blog will remain in a prominent position on the ‘Blogs of Note’ page for another week or so. 
There us apparently no mechanism for having yourself removed – except prayer. I may try that. It has never worked before but you just never know. 
I shall remain under water for most of the time – surfacing only to delete spam.


  1. I started reading your blog only after it was recommended. So you could say there is some good in it also :)
    Moreover, reading it makes me wanna be able to write like you do.
    Till then, i hope you took your oxygen mask. Cheers!

  2. You got blogs of note?!! Wow, congrats! And hey, thanks for the flag.

  3. What a beautiful photo! Is that taken from your villa? Makes me want to dive in and go skinny-dipping!

  4. Your blog continues to be one of my favorites. Write as you will, I, and many others, will always come back. Suppose you could call us "Badger's Herpes".

  5. Hi Badger, enjoy the swimming! Great to catch up on your posts!


    Common Cent

  7. LOL i stopped by because of the blog of note and wanted to say - YES! you keep writing what you write & if ppl don't want to read it, there is that nifty "next blog" option to click. : )

  8. Stumbled on you through the Blog of Note stuff. After I stopped laughing at the state of the world in general as seen through your eyes, I added you to my list of blogs.
    Please keep writing what you please. That way I can and so can everyone else and f--k em if they can't get it.
    Have a good swim.

  9. I meant to ask if the x-ray machns can distinguish a lump of pork and a lump of lamb in your suitcase? Or betwee a bottle of Glenmorangie and a bottle of lemonade?
    I'll read your reply when I return from the outback.

  10. Congratulations on being a Blog of Note, something I can only aspire to, having nothing to sell or flog and with only 20 followers anyway including your goodself. Of course, we stalwart followers always knew you were noteworthy. I found you through my sister's blog and a friend found you through our blog. Have a blogging good holiday too.

  11. Actually I quite enjoy your blog very much, it has a wonderful level/amount/percentage of silly. I am thankful for the blog of note process because every once in a great while the choosers seem to find something or someone I that I enjoy, which is better than hitting their Pick a Random Blog Next button which seems to have some bias built in. The silliest thing their Next button does is send me to a blog that is private.

  12. There could be worse than Blog of Note, like fake bacon, for instance.

    I only wished we'd have had coffee before you became a celebrity!

  13. Finding you on the blog of note made my hour, day and possibly week. Your sarcasm makes my heart tear with joy and let us know about that prayer thing.

  14. So maybe checking out the blogs of note at midnight my time was a good idea. Just one post and I can tell you, sir, must be made of awesome, or some similar construction. This is going to be a fun night's reading.

  15. Congratulations on the Blogs of Note thing ... I have always thought so myself, and managed to stumble across you all by myself. Keep doing what you do - anyone who doesn't get it doesn't deserve a moment's thought. The rest of us will chuckle along cynically.

  16. I haven't gotten too far into your posts yet, but can already tell I like you. Indeed, write what you want, and eventually those that take every single word way too damn seriously will fall away... leaving those who appreciate a little joke, a little sarcasm, some healthy satire.

    Looking forward to more, written just the way you want them to be written. Best to you.

  17. Congratulations! Though being in the limelight might be a little stressful, you write really well!

    BTW, I'm heading to Vienna this summer as a first timer... I can't wait.

  18. I feel guilty for even leaving a comment, but I guess the downside of having a smart, interesting and well written blog is that people will want to read what you have to say. So, if it's okay with you, I will continue to read.

  19. Beautiful blog and love your writing and the style. Love the Blue ocean picture.

  20. adorei a foto do mar..lugar muito lindo..
    lhe convido para visitar meu Blog tbm..ate mais..

  21. That picture is absoloutely gorgeous! jealous.

  22. Oza: Write a blog every day - read a lot. In 50 years you will write like I do.

    Wanderlust: Thanks. I want to give you some virgin flag one day.

    SK Waller: Beep Beep Illegal! You will arrested and stoned to death - and not the way you used to get stoned in the 60s.

    Jessica: I will always we attached to you too.

  23. commoncents: Thanks. I am not sure what your blog is about yet but will have a closer look.

    carmar 76: very true, thank you very much.

    GG Mueller: Exactly Thanks for your support

    Maalie: I think not. But there are no doubt Islamic
    boffins working on this type of machinery. They certainly would not be working on things scientific.

    Sandy: Hmm... Well I certainly did not think I would achieve a blog of note thing - as I said I had no idea what it was.

  24. esbboston: but you do find some truly amazing things with the 'next blog' button. thanks for your comments.

    Merisi: This last 15 minutes. Coffee lasts forever.

    Chelmar367: I have never made anyones heart tear with joy before so I am glad you enjoy my blog and have happy reading.

    Anne Kat: I am mere flesh and skeptical blood with a touch of cynicism - and a realism chaser. I see the world for what it is. Hope I can make you think and laugh.

    Natalie: Thanks. You either get it or you don't. If you don't you may as well stop trying.

    MJ: Thanks. I have limited appeal and will not appeal to those without the ability to see what a really weird world it is.

  25. Eli Rush: I am a diver - we are used to stress. Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet - you will love it.

    Heather: My dear lady I am delighted. I started writing this blog 2.5 years ago for my children and a few friends when I came to Vienna. It has sort of grown. The fact that you read it and like thrills me to bits.

    freefalling: yes yes it's all very well for you and when are you going to replace the photo of that fucking town hall.

  26. Sailor: Thanks you so much:

    Rosy Bernhardt: You are much to kind

    Audrey: Thanks - its just one of those iconic shots

  27. Hah! Yours are truly the most refreshing and bewildered comments I have ever read by one whose blog was awarded a Blog of Note designation! I will follow your blog for your attitude alone, but have another reason as well...that being my wonderful blogging friendship with Francessa, who lives in Vienna (she's been too busy teaching to blog much this year so far and because of that I gave her the link to your blog over at her Facebook page instead of in comments at her blog)...

  28. Lydia: Thank you so much for your kind comments. They make blogging worthwhile.