Thursday, March 24, 2011

You are probably just a Prick!

In a desperate attempt to become like the Tea Party in American the Anti Carbon Taxers in Australia have gone all personal and started used hate posters. It is going to get worse then this. 

The Hate Merchants on shock radio in are in full cry - summoning the whackos to the barricades in full attack mode. 

In this particular case in this photo they are calling the Prime Minister Julia Gillard ‘Juliar’ and ‘Bob Browns Bitch’. Another poster says ‘Ditch the Witch’.

OK this is bad enough but  then they get speakers like the Leader of the Opposition who once famously called climate change ‘Crap’. He is flanked by another of the Opposition’s famous climate change deniers – who is of the Dinosaur era and will never change her views.

This is a tragic but inevitable slide in the standard of political rhetoric in Australia - which has not been helped at all by the appointment of Tony Abbott to the position of Leader of the Opposition. 

Mr Abbott professes to be a devout Catholic but has the manners and demeanour of a Neanderthal in his attitude to Ms Gillard, to women in general  and to people who do not share his own personal ‘values’ - whatever they may be.

The standard of petty sledging exhibited by Mr Abbott is exemplified by his recent mocking of Ms Gillard's decision to attend next month's royal wedding, saying she does not believe in God, the monarchy or marriage.

She is the Prime Minister. Of course she must attend.

I regret to say that my personal experience has been – and I worked for religious organisations for some years – that some people who profess such devoutness are also the most economical when it comes to standards of honesty, compassion and integrity.

I am afraid that for me Mr Abbott falls into that category. He seems to be to be a creature of easy fortune. He loses no opportunity to bang on about his religion and his 'values' but is so quick to demean the perceived failings of others – and so hostile towards those who would prefer lifestyle and life choices other than those which are proscribed in his own little world - defined as it is by ancient texts written by the an invisible man who lives in the sky.

I find his holier-than-thou, toffy-nosed sanctimoniousness quite loathsome.

It would be nice to skip through life having been anointed by a spirit on high and having your life designed for your by Christ’s Messenger sitting in Rome. What to do next? – ah just pray for guidance and listen to the little voice in your head. 

Some of us just have to be guided by science and the environment in which we live, by a set of standards of common decency, by our consciences, by our own moral standards, by an understanding of what is right – for us – and for others – for the community and even for the planet.

And – surprisingly enough – we can do this without reading ancient whacky texts which tell us about what we should and should not do. We have found that there are not just 10 things we should not do – there are many hundreds – and literally thousands of things we should do.

It takes an effort but thats how many millions of us do it quite successfully. 

You should try it Mr Rabbit. It requires something called free will. It takes courage. You have to leave the dark ages behind. Let superstition and black magic go. I promise you it will make you free.

I am not sure it will make you a better man because you are probably just a Prick. 


  1. Badger: I'm totally shocked, like you, by the crude words and behavior of Abbott… who has made a feeble claim that he didn't know what was appearing in the background when that ugly photo was taken. The SMH quotes Julia Gillard's description of Abbott as "a disgusting and revolting individual who has displayed flawed judgment by associating himself with extremism and gross sexism". To my mind, that sums him up nicely. But your own diatribe is better still. In any case, Australian politics needs to reinvent itself, in one way or another, to find a totally new tone. One dreams of getting back to the noble era of authentic statesmen, of the John Curtin kind. (Although I was brought up in NSW, I've come to visualize WA as the spirit of Down Under.) But would such a renaissance be thinkable?

  2. well said pp. and as long as at least 50.01% of the population agree with you we'll be safe from the rabbit.

  3. I have it on personal authority that Their Highnesses Kate and Wills are looking forward to greeting Saint Julia on their special happy day. As indeed they are to the heads of all their colonies and dominions around the world.
    I am ironing my "We won the Ashes" T-shirt and my Union Jack shorts ready to wear on my visit to Sydney's waterfront and botanical gardens in a couple of weeks. Those gardens rival Vienna's Stadtpark for diversity of bird life, though Pugh's Lagoon is best for ducks.

  4. William: I rather think those days are gone.

    lenny: That may be a big ask.

    Maalie: Well you have won bugger all since then and by the looks of it may never win anything else.

  5. ...until the next Ashes series...
    We save all our resources for that...

  6. I think the problem could be that the man is a Christian. Climate change and the destruction of the human race is therefore not possible. God could not destroy his favoured species.
    (I think it could be time for an atheists' party.)

  7. Merricks: Is man a Christian? There are 10,000 religions - which one is the right one?