Monday, March 21, 2011

Green Energy is killing us!

Cate is in Moscow this week. She invited me to go along but I have been there twice so far and it is not actually the most enticing city in the world – especially when terrorists regularly blow up the airport and other places and massacre large numbers of citizens and travelers. And once you have seen Red Square and the other main sights the rest of it is significantly grim and forbidding. 

Of course if you want to drink Vodka it is the best city in the world because that is what most supermarkets are full of.

She also invited me to go to Algeria and I would have loved to do this but it is very difficult to get a Visa. It is – like Russia - one of those places where you have to ask them to invite you - and then jump through hoops to get the Visa.

I am not sure why. It is not as though anyone would want to stay there. I mean no one from Austria would look at Russia and say – Oh Boy! This is nice I think I will stay here! I am not sure about Algiers.

I was reading the New York Times this morning on my iPad and saw that Sarah Palin is in India. She was invited to go there by some media people to talk at a conference – and they paid her to do this.

Part of the report said

A “secure, stable supply of fuel is key to a prosperous America,” she said. “My vision of a free and prosperous America has much to do with energy. But that won’t come from green energy, which has destroyed thousands of jobs in Scotland and England and helped create a massive debt in Spain.”
Excuse me? Have I missed something?
I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon of Green Energy destroying jobs and creating debts so I had to do some quick research and its true. Apparently – according to Michele Bachmann – A Tea Party Icon who knows about these things  - amongst other things - Wind Farms apparently chop the wind to pieces and it falls lifeless to the ground. It is useless for anything else and has to be shoveled up and use for landfill.
Without wind there is nothing to run car engines, computer fans and vacuum cleaners. Smokers have to suck harder, fan forced ovens cannot cook chickens, birds cannot wing it, airplanes cannot fly as high and use more fuel. The whole business is just one big disaster. It is killing the economy.
Mrs. Palin also said that America should “capitalize on our own resources right there on our doorsteps,” she said, by tapping into billions of barrels of oil that are “warehoused” in Alaska.
Absolutely. There is a small problem of the pesky frozen Tundra and the Wilderness and Polar Bears but we will deal with that quick smart and when we are finished we will fill the holes up with dead air from Scotland, England and Spain. 


  1. yeah - I'm not sure that woman has the slightest notion what she is talking about. Not that I would let that stop me from letting her spank me.

    hey ho

  2. This is just the sort of mis-information that the fundamentalist Republicans put about to give quasi-scientific verisimilitude to an otherwise bald an unconvincing argument. That is,it's Bullsh*t.

  3. We should pursue green energy because it's a safe energy solution and not because it can create jobs or profit.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this! Love your blog :)