Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why are we Europeans better?

Spring has sprung here. This is the last icy shot of the Stadtpark Duck Pond on 23 February just before Winter left us. 

I enjoy watching the US  golf on TV because it is on in the evening our time. If it was on in the daytime it would interfere with my schedule of European Golf. This has to be fitted in around the heavy schedule of cycling which has already started with the Paris-Nice which is one of the lead ups to the main Tours – of which the Tour de France of course is the Pièce de Résistance. It is difficult at the moment because the Ski Jumping season has not yet finished and the Austrian Team is currently beating everybody.

Anyway I was watching the World Golf Championship on Saturday night before we went to dinner and saw Tiger Woods miss a three foot putt. The previous evening I had watching him spraying balls all over the golf course in a fairly embarrassing fashion. On one occasion he hit the ground a couple of inches behind the ball – on a tee shot – I used to do that!

Of course he is still followed by crowds of Plonkers who call out puzzling things after every shot.

Things like ‘Yo da Man! Garn da Hole! And – weirdly ‘Dats why yo are who yo are’. There is also someone who honks like a Goose - but that may be a nasal condition.

I remarked to Cate that he had never been the same since he shagged all those Cocktail Waitresses.  She corrected me by saying that he had never been the same since he had been caught – while he remained uncaught his game was fabulous.

Which brings me to my next puzzling point that since Tiger’s demise American golfers in general have fallen into a complete heap and now the top four golfers in the world are Europeans. Tiger is still number five despite not having won anything for more than a year – and on current form he may never win anything again.

As if he did not have enough problems he now has one of those funny little moustache and beard things that make his mouth look like a goat’s bum. He really is getting a lot of bad advice. 

So I am interested in the relationship between Tiger getting caught and the complete fragmentation of his golf game. He has gone from being the best golfer in the world to being someone who can barely make the cuts in tournaments. And why has his demise coincided with the demise of American golf? 

Why are we Europeans suddenly so much better golfers than the Americans. 


  1. "Why are we Europeans so much better than the Americans." could be opening the floodgates of so many things...

    As for American golfers, I have no clue.

  2. "Why are we Europeans so much better than the Americans."

    Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from the French. Once the French revolutionaries realized that killing Marie Antoinette did not make for better politicians or golfers, they resolved to forthwith eat their cake, er, Viennese croissants, and let the politicians and golfers play with whatever necessary to take home the trophy.