Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Vatican discovers the most serious crime!

Sometimes I read things in the newspaper and have to read them again - and possibly again - to make sure that I have not gone completely stark raving mad. Today I read in the Sydney Morning Herald that:
“The ordination of women as Catholic priests is a "crime against the faith," the Vatican has said while it issued a raft of new disciplinary rules.
Cases of "attempted ordination of women" will now be handled by the Vatican's doctrinal watchdog, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), a Vatican statement said on Thursday.
The new rules put attempts at the ordination of women among the "most serious crimes", along with pedophilia”.
This set my ‘surreal alarm’ off and I had to throw a blanket over it and drop it into a bucket of water to stop it from squawking. 
However - as barkingly bizarre as this sounds - if the Vatican moves with the same speed on this as they have over the last few thousand years on the issue of pedophilia then any women ordained will be safely dead for centuries before they can be hunted down and persecuted. 
I will refrain from further comment as if I do I will work myself into a lather. 
I discovered with some degree of alarm when I stayed in Sydney with my brother and his wife last week that they are regular readers of my Blog. The problem is that they are also regular church goers and - if not tub-thumpingly religious - certainly have some level of faith in the potential existence of a supreme being. 
I have know this fact for some time but was not aware that they read my blog - well - religiously, 
How - I asked uncertainly - do you then cope with my regular rants about religion?
Well - they said - whoever reads the blog first warns the other not to go there. An excellent solution. I only offend one person per day.  
I did stress to them - as I have previously on this very blog - that I have no problem with people who have religion or faith - or whatever they need to get them over the line. The choice is theirs. 
What I object to is religious people telling me how I should live my life, that unless I live how they live I am a sinner, that the bible is is the handbook by which we must live our lives, that I cannot marry a member of the same sex, that if I am a woman I cannot have an abortion, that if I am old and dying in agony I cannot end my own life but must suffer torment until my last gasp,  that I must go to church and pray for forgiveness otherwise when I die I will go STRAIGHT TO HELL and will rot there till the end of time being tortured - along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld - (and quite a few others I would think). 
Mmmm...perhaps church is not such a bad idea after all. 
Just kidding. 


  1. No, Badger. It would take no time to hunt down and punish the women. What would take forever would be tracking down the men who had ordained them!

    Makes me think of the police integrity commission - investigating dodgy police. No chance of using outside eyes to see through the morass of corruption! As Jim says, police are the interface between the criminals and us.

  2. Merisi,

    How long has it been that we only have to submit once to post our comments? I've only just woken up!

  3. "No one expects the Inquisition..." (Monty Python)

  4. it´s an absurd, why not accept women as catholic priests?
    thanks for visiting my blog, I wrote an answer to your question there, I´m writing here again:

    Oui Badger bien sûr, nous avons le scuba dans l´île de l´Arvoredo (c´est une aire protégée) tout l´année. Il y a aussi autres sites pour la plongée autour de l´île de Florianopolis, mais ça dépend de la condition climatique.

  5. Richard Dawkins has my vote. I cannot think of any religion that is worthwhile. Fundamentalist Christians would like us to return to the 13th century. Muslims dont want to leave it, and the list goes on.

  6. I have been informed a number of times by various bloggers is that because I am a "fool" I am damned to swim around in that cursed lake of fire for ever.

  7. Annie: I am sure only the women would be punished. The men would probably be given a small boy to take their minds off women.

    Steph: MP has a quote for every occasion - ever.

    Paty: Because it's in the bible so it must be true.

    Simon: Richard Dawkins has done more for atheism than any other person on earth - except the Pope.

    Maalie: What do you write to attract such scathing statements?

  8. Words fail me....I had a rant about this today too - but sometimes I feel guilty because I pay too much attention to the ludicrous tenets of Catholicism and don't bash other religions so much. I suppose it has a higher PR profile from some of the other groups??

  9. Well the Catholics are just know...bashable

  10. @ Annie:

    I am confused. *quizzicallook*
    Did you ask in relation to the"attempted ordination of women" and just simply commenting? ;-)

    Word veri:
    (I swear!)