Monday, July 26, 2010

Not quite the Giro d'Italia

This is where we are going cycling next week.

We had open originally to go cycling on a Barge/Bike tour from Amsterdam to Bruges but the one we wanted was fully booked and Cate had time constraints.

So I had another look and found the Bolzano to Venice trip Boat/Bike trip. It will be something of a challenge because we are going in the middle of summer and some of the rides are quite long.

Day 1 - for example - is 70 kilometers. Granted this is not long by Tour de France standards but I expect that it will be challenge for us during the first couple of days.

We are being joined by Gwenyth and Rachel. Rachel is super fit and it will be a doddle for her. She will be propped up in the bar drinking Chianti when we straggle in sometime later.

However, there is the option of staying on the barge and this could turn out to be a very a attractive option indeed if it gets very hot - which it should - because the time we are going is the hottest time of the year.

It’s not my fault - we have to go when Cate is available - which is almost never.


  1. Will be particularly hard to reach your destination if Cate spends the first few waking hours working on emails! Is she leaving all electronic communicators at home?

    Anyway, enjoy!

  2. You DO live the life doncha! Suitably gellarse.

  3. You DO live the life doncha! Suitably gellarse.

  4. Sounds like a great endeavor. I wish you a safe trip.

  5. Annie: Cate will work every day -as she did on our recent holiday. She has to - there is no one else.

    Mrs Woog: I do indeed - courtesy of Cate.

    Hilary: An honor to have such a famous blogger visit. Thanks for your kind wishes.