Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The KAP trigger has been pulled!

There is a prize for the first person to tell me what this is (photographed in a cemetry in Paris).

Back in the harness and cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing. I can’t wait for my next paid holiday in 2012.

Cate says that my last couple of Blogs have been boring with too many photos. Everyone is a critic these days. Muffin doesn’t complain – she loves the pictures of cats.

I have lined up my first Fitness Centre session at 5:00 tomorrow at a centre in Ungargasse. I am determined to lose weight and get fit by the end of spring because during the last few months I have put on a lot of weight and am feeling decidedly flabby.

Miss Snow Mountain is pleased with my progress in German and speaks to me a lot in that language. I sometimes – but not often – have some inkling of what she is saying and try to reply in my mangled German.

Of course, having spoken bad German in Paris for the last week (because I couldn’t think of the French words) I am now speaking bad French in Wien - so it will take me a few days to get it out of my system.

Miss Snow Mountain is a real trooper and never flinches no matter how badly I mangle the words.

Spring is springing here and the trees are budding. Flowers are being planted all over the place and outdoor furniture is appearing outside restaurants and caf├ęs.

This is a good sign and it won’t be long now before I can go down to Am Heumarkt again to shout at the tourist buses.

Today I paid a deposit on a Weber barbecue and on Saturday we have to go shopping to look for outdoor furniture for the terrace. Rozalin has identified the most expensive place for outdoor furniture in Wien and Cate would like to get there as soon as she can with her Bankomat card clutched in her trembling paw.

The most important thing of course is that we get chairs that will be comfortable for the cats so that the can lie in the sun and admire Stephansdom.

Muffin has of course abandoned me after I left her for a week and now sleeps in Cate’s study while Cate is working in there. This is to be expected and is just part of the ritual we go through when I leave her for more than a few hours.

I have bought some new ‘Cat Sticks’ from Spar. These appear to be the same type that Merlin adores. They don’t smell terrific (to me) but Muffin likes them a lot. I will use these to suck up to her and steal her back from Cate.

The KAP trigger has been pulled!

Rozalin has identified and psychologically profiled two girl kittens that will be available in July and we have put in a bid for them. She assures us that they are not potential criminals like the last lot so we are going ahead with the adoption processes. They also do not appear to have an Insane Cat Owner and this is certainly a good sign.

This is very exciting and I will spend the next couple of months getting their room ready and buying the accoutrements that kittens need.

I will also identify a Cat Psychiatrist for Muffin as she may need some support during the first couple of months.


  1. We've just spent a summer without a BBQ - the old one had rusted out, and you probably don't know how much Jim hates going shopping! Well, you do now, enough to go without a BBQ.

    I guess it's a bit late to wonder if you're wise becoming the ony male in a four-woman household? But I'm delighted because when I glanced at today's headline I thought that the KAP had been pulled(:, meaning no patter of little paws.

    Glad that spring is on its way. What news of the ducks?

  2. Oops! ony = only and (: = :(
    (I can't be properly awake this morning!)

  3. Glad yo ur home safe.. sorry Muffin has turned her nose up at you! Let me know how it goes at the fitness center. I would like to find one close. AHHH kitten feet pattering around the house.. JOY!

  4. After the Victorian bushfires one of my Melbourne colleagues tried to adopt a dog who had lost its owners in the fire. He already has a dog who lives in the lap of luxury, but was turned done by the dog-adoption agency nazi because he leaves the dogs home alone whilst he goes to the office AND he feeds them dog food imported from France and was rudely asked "Why aren't you buying Australian dog food?" - go figure! Hope this little story helps you feel better about your encounter with that psycho cat owner!

  5. "oops" like Annie I'm only half-awake! 'Turned done' should read 'Turned down'

  6. It's a catapult for the unfortunate bodies belonging to families that can no longer pay the plot rent.

    Welcome back!

  7. Steph - I don't think you are really trying!

  8. Annie - Couldn't you find a barbecue store next to a bottle shop?

  9. PS the Ducks are in fine form. Cate and I spent some time with them on the way home from dinner last night. They are swarming all over Stadtpark.

  10. MM: French dog food? Well - why not - Muffin eats German cat food.

  11. It's a Stiefelknecht for the grave digger whose wife is allergic to dirty boots.