Sunday, March 1, 2009

How can I not go on.

On Saturday I decided that I could not carry on with the blog but after an emotional and heart wrenching comment from Keegan - how can I not go on.

And boy do I have some stories to tell you.

I especially need to tell you about dinner at Meinl Am Graben last night.

Oh – and about Cate’s trip to Africa and her near death experiences.

And Harvelina who she brought back with her.

And how she went over Victoria Falls in a Barrel with 6 monkeys (I made that up)

But I am definitely going to finish the blog when we leave Vienna in 2013.


  1. Please.. I enjoy reading so much.. I plan on keep up with read once we move back to the States some time this year.

  2. Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, HEU HEU HEU!

  3. I empathize.
    Been there.
    Many times.
    Then again, I'm still having fun.
    And I enjoy yours, I sincerely hope you stay your course (you make me feel like on old Viennese hand, after all *g*).
    I will visit more often here,
    after I come back from Rome
    (I am a repeat offender, I always return to my crime locations - hence, not seen Paris yet, among many other places.)