Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome to the USA

We both got a letter from Uncle Sam today.

It said ‘Welcome to the United States of America’. We are now permanent residents and have additional numbers to go with our Social Security numbers and all the other numbers we have.

Our Green Cards are in the mail.

This may mean that we are not regarded as potential terrorists when we come back into America – but I think we still have to go through the foreigners channel and be regarded with great suspicion.

It does mean that we can get TSA approval and do not have to take our shoes off – or our laptops out of our bags - when we go through airport security – unless of course the TSA people are in a bad mood – which they often are – and wouldn’t you be if you had to do what they do.

I also have a permit to work if I want to and I don’t. I have more than enough to do looking after Cate, the cats, the squirrels and the birds.

I got locked out of the house yesterday morning. Each morning I take Cate’s bag stuffed with things out to the car and wave her goodbye. Yesterday one the way out someone locked the back door from the inside. I am not saying it was Cate – but she was the last one out of the house.

Yes of course we have a spare key outside the house – but it was not there. Of course I tried to ring Cate - but could not get her. No the neighbors were not there - they were all at work. Yes it was well below zero and I was very cold indeed and the only warmth came from the heating outlet. No I could not break the glass door with a flower pot because the glass is armor plated.

Just before death wrapped its icy paws around me the neighbor next door came home. He could not find the key I had given him months before so I sat shivering in his lounge room for 20 minutes while he ratted through every drawer in the house.

Nothing really surprises me but there is controversy here about vaccinations. Hordes of children are getting measles – because hordes of parent do not get their children vaccinated. 

The Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul was asked what he thought of this and he said he knew lots of people who had their children vaccinated – and the children had developed mental retardation.

Spare me.

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  1. Sooo - don't leave us hanging, Badger!! Did the neighbour eventually find the key, or did you have to book into a warm hotel for the day?

    I am not going to comment on the vaccination thing because I shall become furious, and rant all over your blog.

  2. Perhaps mental retardation is provoked by parental republicanism.
    On the bright side, yes you may use the line at the airport for American citizens - or permanent residents. Such fun!!

  3. I have to leave my ignition key at my desk with the door opener & alarm fob, so I sometimes accidentaLLy lock myself out of my office or vehicle so I always have a spare office key and ignition key on the camera wrist cord that is in my left front pocket. I am glad you didn't freeze. With the tough glass you have another reason to have a gun so you can break back into your own house, although this may scare the cats. I would have Cate make sure that you have gone back into the house (door opened, in transition) before she drives away.

    I am glad you are evolving in your citizenship, that is cool. It is getting a bit of Spring time here with temps bumping into the 60 and 70's so I need to do some tree trimming and roofing hopefuLLy very soon. We are pupping sitting Trixie soon so Cooper wiLL have his old companion back for a long weekend. He appears excited about this news and keeps watching the front door waiting for her to show up.

    I am no where close to being an expert on vaccinations but I am sure I will study it soon with my new-found love of biochemistry and biology. Just looking at the overall grand big picture it just seems that vaccines have been a huge overall net benefit for human kind as far as quality of life for the last century compared to the entire previous existence, that to question it seems foolish and irresponsible but also dangerously Ludditesque.

  4. Alexia: Yes he did find the key so I managed to get inside.

    NanU: Oh goody. That line is always shorter.

    esb: I will now put multiple keys outside. What sort of dog is Trixie? I am amazed that anyone at all considers not getting vaccinated.

  5. Trixie is 1/4 poodle 3/4 shih tzu and 100% glad to be visiting us. She slept on top of Tamie last night.