Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I am collecting the hubcaps

It is snowing very lightly as I write this blog. We have had a very mild winter – sure it has been cold but there has been little snow. I will not be too sorry to see winter end because there is much to do outside and it is a bit difficult to do anything outside when it is below zero. Although the guys laying bricks over the road seem to cope – and even lay bricks in the snow.

The council people in Indianapolis have obviously heard my complaints about potholes. A few weeks ago two workmen arrived and dug a very large hole in the road outside our house. It is about 4 feet by 6 feet by 3 inches deep. They then covered with it a large sheet of metal and left.

We wondered what would happen next  - and about a week or so ago the metal was removed – we did not see it go. So now we just have a very large uncovered hole. 

As cars go over it they make a very loud noise as the wheels try to tear themselves off – loose articles in the car hit the roof - their glasses break – and those with false teeth watch them clatter onto the dashboard.

I am collecting the hubcaps – the ones that don’t hurtle down the road and smash thru the neighbors fences – and may make some sort of sculpture out of them.

Our Green Cards have arrived. I look very much like a grave robber in my photo. I have also received a brochure entitled ‘A Guide for New Immigrants’ . I am studying this carefully because there are lots of rules here and I do not wish to transgress.  


  1. I'm intrigued as to how exactly a grave robber may look...

  2. If enough car parts faLL off you can start an automotive salvage yard. There is a section of highway between Fritch and Amarillo TX that is dedicated to asphalt research and it has potholes in it and there are large squares where they have removed asphalt and didn't quite fiLL them back up, veRy annoying, especiaLLy at night.

  3. It is time honored Americana to exhibit found hub caps on ones fence, I am sure you can find examples on the web of the best techniques.

  4. lenny: Very much like the photon my green card.

    esbn: Maybe that's what is happening in Indianapolis.

    fmcgmccllc: Damn - now I have to get a fence.

  5. I thought the same thing as Lenny, still non the wiser. Hwever, I wonder if the sheet of metal is now being used by one of the neighbours? I had a large plank across the ditch on one side of my driveway because visitors inevitably tried to drive into the ditch. Recently, I tried to reverse up my driveway but was unsuccessful because some thieving b*stard has stolen the bl**dy plank which only became obvious when the car was half in and half out of the ditch. I had to call RACQ for a "specialist" tow to come get me out. Not happy Jan. I haven't found my plank but you might have some luck finding the metal cover.

  6. Sandy: Yes people are amazing. I once had to drive over a verb to get out of my garden so I loving built two wooden ramps. The first nite after I installed them some dickwit chopped them into pieces with an axe.