Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Idjits at work

Idjits at work
The iRobot (Robbie) is just brilliant. It does an outstanding job of vacuuming the carpet and you can see that it does everything because it sucks and sweeps - so you can see where it has been.

When it finishes it goes back to its home base – nestles in – and goes to sleep. I have no idea how it knows that it has done everything but it apparently uses an infrared receiver and makes 67 calculations per second. This is 66 calculations more than I make when I am vacuuming. 

Robbie was so successful I have decided to buy ‘my pillow’ which is being advertised at the moment. It is apparently the ‘official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation’ so how can I go wrong. There is a two for the price of one offer on at the moment so I dived in.

Many people say it is the best pillow they have ever had – and why would they lie?

I tried to organize my upstairs linen cupboard today but it is very difficult. We have beds, mattresses, sheets and pillows from Australia, Austria and the USA. They are all different sizes and I just don’t have enough shelves.

But I did finally manage to organize my spice and herb cupboard.

I bought scads of jars from Amazon and decanted all my odd sized containers – from all over the world - into them and labeled them. I am quite pleased with the result and may now be able to find things.

I did find some unopened poppy seeds with a use by date of 1995. I am sure they are fine and have left them as they are. What could go wrong with a poppy seed?

Some idjits in Indianapolis decided that they would burn their house down and collect the insurance. So they left the gas running and scarpered. What could go wrong?

The explosion destroyed a large party of the neighborhood – killed people – and injured others. See the photo.

All the idjits are now on jail on murder charges and will not be using the gas for a while.


  1. Jeez, if I were a dog (I am in many ways), I would have serious doubts about moving into your household and neighborhood.

  2. Linen cupboard and Spice jar organisation! Never a dull Moment!

  3. I had to throw out some paprika with a best-before date of 2001 yesterday. It had transformed into a solid.

    For my Idjit of the Week award, see here

  4. William: We like living on the edge. Life is never boring here.

    lenny: When it is -10° outside you will do anything not to go out there.

    Keegan: We have more than out fair share here.

    Alexia: Solid paprika is no good to anyone. I agree your idjit is as idiotic as my idjit.

  5. Unfortunately, the world will never suffer a shortage idjits. I can't help wondering where we would be without them though...

  6. Alexia's idiot is a candidate for the next Darwin Awards, don't you think?