Monday, February 16, 2015

It was an aggravation fee

Beirut - handyman's dream
The iRobot was delivered and was given a test run. It alarmed the cats so much I put it back in its docking station and will try it upstairs first.

Of course the iRobot is nothing compared to what is about to happen to the cats. Cate very nearly got a dog on Saturday – but it was snapped up before she could see it.

Cate says I am being obstructive because I ask questions such as:

Where does the dog sleep?
Where does the dog eat?
Will the dog eat the cats? - or
Will Sissi eat the dog?
What do we do with the dog when we go away?

These seem pretty logical to me but are answered – ‘we will work it out’. I think she means that I will work it out – and I am sure I will.

I am racking my brains as to how we can do it without making Monika totally deranged. I am planning a series of dog doors – with cat holes – so that the cats can get away from the dog and have their own space.

I also need to think about fencing outside, dog food, dishes, leads, dog minding, vets when Sissi scratches Rover on the nose and a cat psychiatrist for Monika.

Cate is now going to walk in Ecuador in July so I have another travel planning exercise.

I think Ecuador will in fact be better than Jordan so am not unpleased. Quito is said to be a fabulous city. I will have to be up to speed on my Spanish before we go before we go.

So instead of Jordan we are going to see Molly and Gaston and Biggles in Paris -then we are going down to Brittany for a few days.

United was not pleased that I changed the flights and punished me. I think it was an ‘aggravation fee’ although they did not call it that. I am surprised they did not send people out to give me a good thrashing. 


  1. Oh we must chat, I may be getting a kitty cat soon. That last try was just a disaster that went further south than the south pole. Big Daddy is now in charge.

    Ecuador sounds wonderful.

    Our big vacation, ha in March will be Savannah Georgia and hopefully a visit to some wonderful foods.

  2. I have been busY and wonder whY I have not thought of Ecuador in a veRy long time. But first I am off to the diner for the rest of the evening ...

  3. Watch out for altitude sickness in Quito.

  4. We had two staffies and then got a ragdoll kitten. And two months later we are able to have them all in the same room without too much trouble. Alfie (white staffie) tends to 'hold' Charlie (cat) down with his paw and then link him to death. Rosie (black staffie) chases him only to lick him to death if she manages to corner him somewhere but Charlie is behind furniture or up his scratching post quicker than Jack Flash when he has had enough. All you hear around our house now is "No Charlie" when he is scratching something other than the scratch post or "Gently - slowly" when Alfie is playing with Charlie. So from me to you - GOOD LUCK with the dog !!!
    The family where K works (in Chicago) have a cat, dog, rabbit and hedgehog and the cat and the dog fight all the time - they laughed when we face timed them and they saw our three playing relatively nicely together.
    Enjoy your trip planning !

  5. fmcgmcllc: When the dog arrives I will give a graphic description of the goat fuck that ensues. We are looking forward to Savannah.

    esb: Well I had never thought of Ecuador.

    nzm: Cate is going early yo get acclimatized - I will just have to tough it out.

    Me: Well you give me a little bit of encouragement. We shall see.

  6. Poor pussies, but I'm sure you could train the dog to love them... Paris and Brittany sounds much better. Although I'd regret Petra.

  7. Don't worry...

    I am sure that eventually your dog will act like Jaya and bolt out the front door to rescue the cats if they got into a fight (even if they were clearly winning) ... true story.

  8. Sandy: I am sure the dog will love them - its just that initially he will scare the stuffing out of them.

    Keegan88: Well - we shall see.