Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It won't take long

So I appear to be getting better and my headaches are receding.

The first bill has come in from the 911 wagon run from Eskenazi   Health. This was a trip of 1.3 miles – 4 minutes – 5 blocks.

The bill - $1703.69.

Eskenazi used to be named Wishard – after the doctor who lived in our house from 1907-1941 – but I did not get a discount for that.

The good news is that so far my health fund has approved my first night’s stay in hospital. No news on the operation or the rest of the stay. I have every confidence in them to come through on this one.

We drove 70 blocks yesterday to have my stitches out and made an appointment to see the doctors and have another scan in November.

My next lot of IV stuff arrives thus afternoon. I am apparently going to be taking this for the next four weeks.

Today I am taking the family to see Costco. They have one in Sydney but need too make a comparison. If they are lucky they will also get to see Fresh Market and Whole Foods – and maybe even Trader Joe’s.

Of course they have yet to see the sights of Indianapolis - but this won’t take long at all.


  1. get ready, the bills will start coming fast and furious. and Costco sounds reasonable. I'm not going to lie, i kind of love the hot dogs there. no Vienna bitzkringer though...

  2. The shopping of Indianapolis, well there ya go. So sorry about the IV's and stuff but it does give you something to fill your day.

    Actually well, so good of you to be back and keep up the BLog

  3. My childhood doctor from about grades 3 through ? lived just about a block away but I am not sure I ever got The Neighbor Discount. He is long gone but I did notice that they named the street to his house after him from a Google Maps view of the old neighborhood. The doctor of my infancy who both delivered me when I was premature and later successfully treated my burns and pneumonia was a displaced Norweigian doctor from WWII who had survived a German concentration camp. I am not sure I really have a doctor at the moment (this past almost decade). I guess most of my advice has come from the internet and the occasional advice from my mother. I am so glad you are doing better and getting out some, and getting to be a tour guide.

  4. TNDW: Just cannot wait. And I do just love the dogs even better than Vienna.

    fmc: I really do love the shops here after Vienna.

    esb: I am very glad you do not need a doctor. Sa=tay that way if you can.