Friday, October 24, 2014

It is prettier than they thought

We have been to a couple of really exciting places during the last few days.  

We went to Edwards the legendary diner which was established in 1957. I had a great dog - Lenny had tenderloin and Carmenchita had some chili. The ambience was great but the fries were not good. The were crinkly and not tasty at all. One thing you do expect here is good crispy fires.

The we went to Shapiro’s downtown and I had a kosher dog. I just love dogs. Carmenchita had the matzo ball soup and Lenny had the hot beef sandwich and a mac and cheese.

We got to Whole Foods before I pegged out and had to come home and lie down. This happens a lot.

We still want to go to Trader Joe’s and this may happen today.

They all say Indianapolis is much prettier than they expected it to be. Perhaps I need to look at it in a new light.

Yossi has just about adapted to the time change and is starting to sleep at night. This is not a good sign for when they get back to Australia next week – after a few days in Hawaii.


  1. I honeymooned in San Francisco and Hawaii. It was my first to go to each of them. I have not gone back to Hawaii but I have been to San Francisco several times for technical conferences in San Jose. I haven't spent anytime in California north of there. It is definitely a pretty state, have you been there? I am glad you are able to get out and about, making progress.

  2. Indy has some good points. Glad you are making gradual progress, good things come slowly.

    Years ago there was a good restaurant in Union Station that was fun, I think they also had carriage rides.

  3. I guess America is the place for a good dog. Been ages since I had a good one. Hope you've recovered from your eating frenzy.
    On another note, thought of you when I watched this.... How some wiley Americans stopped a rock squirrel from eating from their bird feeder. Very amusing.

  4. esb: We droves once from San Francisco to Washington State. A really lovely trip. I have no desire to visit Hawaii again.

    fmc: Is Union station here? I have not see it yet.

    Sandy: I have fixed our bird feeder so the squirrels canon get it - but they can have their corn.