Monday, October 27, 2014

I am always amazed by what they can do

Apparently I am not as well as I thought I was.

I walked four blocks to CVS pharmacy with Cate yesterday and nearly pegged out on the way home. I had to lie down and contemplate life for the rest of the day – and unfortunately also had to watch the Colts get belted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is going on here?

I have bought myself a book ‘Football for Dummies’ so that I can begin to understand the game – but it is beyond my grasp at the moment. Particularly as I watch without sound because noise bothers me.

Lenny and Carmenchita and Yossi are in Hawaii. From their window you can see the pink place where I stayed on my one and only trip 25 odd years ago.

Lizzie flew to the west coast yesterday and had an 11 hour wait between flights. No I don’t know how this could happen either.

The neighbours across the road found out I was sick and brought food parcels – including a truly excellent cake which I am demolishing as we speak.

Cate is back at work to today but I am not allowed to do anything except mooch about. I am not allowed down to the basement – which is of course where I want to go more than anything – and am confined to the upper floors.

I can’t really read so will have to find something I can watch without sound. I find the shows about Vitamix Blenders to be very therapeutic and am always amazed by what they can do.


  1. Ooooh, that's the pits, not being able to read and only have TV without sound! Are there any cooking shows? Asking because I once watched a Jamie Oliver show on German TV and had to switch channels because I could not stand the German dubbing (high-pitched voice as if something v e r y exciting was happening when all that was going on was stirring the pot). So, no sound would have been perfect for that one.

  2. It sucks when you can't read or have the sound on the TV on - hope your recovery is swift !!!
    I think I need to buy Football for Dummies as well - we watch it but really have very little idea about what is going on OR we can wait for K to finish working in the USA and she can explain it when she gets home - provided, of course, she learns about it while she is there !!!
    Rest up and take care.

  3. Crap.

    You need in house massage.

  4. That's not good, Badger. I was surprised at how much you were getting out and about with your visitors, so soon after such major surgery. I guess your body is telling you to take it slowly - difficult, I know! Are the cats good company?

    All the best mate (little Australianism there...)

  5. Merisi: I am getting better. Can have the sound low now. Yes lots of cooking shows - I will be watching these - and in English.

    Me: It is much more complicated than I thought it was so I really need to study hard.

    fmc: I have thought about that and may do it when I am a bit better.

    Alexia: The cats are just fine company and sit on me wherever I am.