Tuesday, October 28, 2014

He has great teeth

I am something of an expert on Vitamix Blenders now so have moved on. I am investigating the Biggest Little Ladder in the world which folds to 24 different positions and can take 300 pounds. I don’t think I need it but it sure is tempting.

I can’t get interested in the jewelry or dresses  - although there are lots of these channels – and still have to check out the Kitchen Whiz which has 18 attachments and can do almost everything. I just can’t wait to get into this.

The religious channels are all pretty much the same - and for some reason many have really old films – but Joel Osteen is fabulous and has great teeth. I found I can get him on radio for $5.95 each month – but then I would not see his teeth.

Americans are obsessed with teeth and spend a lot of time talking about them and whitening them. It brings tears to my eyes to see someone on TV who has their life transformed by turning their mouth into a glistening brilliant white set of new teeth.

I mean it really does transform their lives and they tell us no uncertain terms.


  1. Okay Big Daddy has the ladder, it is a marvel. None of have the teeth-we have the half way teeth, good acceptable but not so white you need glasses.

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  3. Jeez mate.... Just realised I've missed a very important event in your life. I hadn't read the blog for 11 days (I counted) and commented a few days ago on a post, not realising you had been at death's door in the interim. Wish I could think of some worldly, humourous yet comforting phrase but coming up blank. Just very pleased you're still out there in the blogosphere entertaining the masses, that's for sure. It must be a comfort to know you can prove you've got a brain, unlike so many... Happy recovery and hope the cats painfully pointy legs as they visit aren't too much of a trial. I will endeavour to read previous posts before I comment as well.

  4. fmc: I bet the ladder is just fabulous. I am suffering from ladder envy. I am glad you do not have whiter than white teeth.

    Sandy: Thanks. I am very much better and welcome visits form the cats. I am allowed around the house provided I don't get on ladders or go to the basement.

  5. My longest ladder is huge but I forget how far it reaches, now I am curious. I will have to measure it tomorrow.