Thursday, June 19, 2014

The moment of truth

It’s a bloody miracle but all the air con now works.

At the final stage of the job by Dave and Alan -  Sissi escaped through the side door and scuttled under the rear deck which is under construction.

We have to use the side door because of course the back deck has as yet no stairs.

Dave and Alan crawled under the deck to capture Sissi. There was no additional charge for this heroic effort. She is absolutely possessed with getting outside – but gets frightened as soon as she is out there.

Every few days JoAnn rocks along with her assistants to install more plants in our back garden. It is starting to look almost like a garden should. A photo will be provided soonish.

Her assistants are two young black guys and it is a pleasure to watch them digging holes without missing a beat or raising a sweat. Oh youth!

The jigsaw arrived today. The moment of truth has arrived and within the next few days I will have to cut holes for the cat doors – which also arrived today.

I have found in the past the cutting holes is so – well – final.

You cannot undo a hole – although I have wished that I could many times in the past. So I am going to proceed very carefully and methodically and try to anticipate the disasters which can befall people with no carpentry skills whatsoever.

You know what they say – measure twice – cut once.

My previous experience has been that after the measuring part I should retire to the parlor with a good book and a glass of Jameson.

It does not help that the smell of goats once again fills my nostrils.


  1. My carpenter just recently lost the tips to (three?) fingers with a saw accident. I have absolutely forbade my cosmetologist wife from touching any of my DeWalt toys. She agrees.

  2. You must tell Sissi, be careful what you wish for. I can't wait for all the pictures.

  3. I thought it was only my Dad who said "Measure twice cut once, measure twice cut one, measure twice cut once" - maybe he is normal after all !!!!
    Good luck with the cat doors.
    How's the dog project coming along ?
    Have the best day !

  4. Exciting times ahead! Perhaps you should google Dr Harry from Better Homes and Gardens re reluctant puss at the cat door. Something about using flyscreen as the door first, then a light plastic. then a heavier plastic and in not time at all they're happily headbutting the real door to get through. Nice theory anyway and makes for good television. Good luck.

  5. esb: I had this in mind when I was using my jigsaw.

    fmcgmccllc: Sissi is a remarkable intelligent cat - even intellectually gifted - I am hoping she will train Monika.

    Me: The dog project is simmering on the back burner at the moment - but has not been forgotten by you know who.

    Sandy: I am confident that my superior cat wrangling skills will get the job done.