Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I should warn the neighbors

We had our first storm of the season yesterday afternoon and this was accompanied by a power outage. I was able – for the first time – to use my emergency lanterns - which I bought from Amazon some time ago just for this purpose.

We have a gas stove and oven so I was still able to cook dinner by the light of the lanterns.

I did not need to activate my storm radio – which is battery powered and which you can also wind up – and has a jigger you can use to power up a mobile phone.

I used my lawn edger for the first time yesterday. This is almost as scary as the jigsaw and chomps up anything in its path. I only did a small part of the lawn as I was disconcerted by the chunks of grass, earth and concrete flying about.

I will get better at this just as I will with the jigsaw.

Deckman says the deck will be finished this week. I have ordered 10 gallons of deck stain in readiness for our next major job.

However – painting the fence taught me a lesson and reminded me how difficult and tedious beyond redemption painting really is.

So I have also ordered a paint sprayer. This will be my first experience with one of these contraptions.

I imagine that by the end of the process the deck, most of the back garden – and the birds and the squirrels – will all be colored dark oak. I should warn the neighbors to keep their dogs inside. 


  1. At least Dark Oak is a neutral and will blend in with most everything.

  2. I am running into too much rain to paint, that is a veRy strange predicament for my part of the world. I should put more effort into spray painting but there is just something I like about a roller, hard to eXplain.

  3. fmcgmccllc: Especially if everything is the same color.

    esb: I am no good at all with rollers. I also no good with brushes.