Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The curse worked

Birds in Ellos must stand on one leg
We had our first fully fledged tornado in central Indiana yesterday.

Cate rang me from work to say they were all in the basement waiting for Armageddon and that I should immediately retire to the basement with the cats.

Monika knew something was wrong as she was prowling restlessly around the house. But she is of such a nervous disposition that she could hear a mouse squeak in Peoria.

Shortly after this I got the emergency alarm on my mobile phone and this told me to take shelter. But I listened to the radio and the news was that the tornado was at Speedway and was moving north-east – which is away from our house.

And yes Speedway the suburb is where the speedway is located.

The deck men took no chances and scuttled off – telling me that they would be back the next day if there was any house or deck remaining.

The tornado passed us by – but we got some nice rain. 

Tornados here are not as dangerous as guns. There are more people killed by guns in Indiana in the average week than there are by tornados in the entire year.

My curse worked and Italy was knocked out of the World Cup.

The added bonus was that one of the Italian players was bitten by a Uruguayan player – and the Italian coach resigned.  I put this down to the chicken gizzards.

I do feel a bit guilty about this – and that I brought such misery to so many Italians – so next time I may let them get to the quarter finals.


  1. Your curse story made me laugh. After 40 years in Texas I have yet to see a tornado. I think we are officiaLLy just at the edge of Tornado Alley, maybe a corner. Did you get to actuaLLy see the tornado?

  2. Glad all is well. I was stunned to hear about the biting incident, does seem very sportsmanlike.

  3. esb: I saw only the dark sky in the distance. It was not even windy where I am.

    fmcgmccllc: Usually they fake their injuries - this was a rare real one.

  4. Those poor Italians, probably scratching their collective heads trying to work out what went wrong. Better not tell anyone else except us, they may get the mob to pay you a visit next time....
    What would be the collective noun for a bunch of Italian soccer playing heads. A cheat?

  5. "Operated by the non-profit Association Ellos"

  6. Sandy: It's a 'dive'.

    esb: You speak Swedish as well!

  7. Speak, probably no, figure out, maybe yes. Hope you are having a wonderful day. I am re-cooper-ating after a long day of fixing an HVAC blower motor. At least I now have the right tool for pulling a squirrel cage fan off a motor. My friend was weLL pleased as it got over a hundred here yesterday.

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  9. That was strange, it duplicated my comment.