Sunday, June 15, 2014

I did not vote for him


  1. Neither did I Badger but there he is. One is hard pressed to find anyone who will own up to voting for his party. What an utter embarrassment he is. Yet I was not saddened to watch this, just sore with larfing! Thank you.

  2. Sandy: It makes me glad I am not there.

  3. It appears that his head bobbles in real life. Perhaps he is animatronic and there is a loose joint that needs tightening. He seems rather insensitive.

  4. esb: There are things loose in his head.

  5. ooooh, I voted for him. Great bloke. Intelligent, fit, pro active.

    His head "bobbles" because he suffers from stuttering and has to control it.

    Boats have stopped.

    Bludging on the system has stopped.

    Soon we won't have a silly ETS or Super profits tax on Miners.

    He has increased taxes on those who should pay more

    Lowered Taxes for theses who make enough and deserve it.

    I mean what other choice could you have>

    Kevin Rudd?? lol!

    Gillard? lol

    Milne? ahahahah!

    Palmer? OMG!!!!

    Abbott has also put in place the royal commission into Union corruption which will weed out all of those who are involved, so that means no more Labor party.

    Anyone for a cup of tea?