Friday, June 7, 2013

There will be some wobbliness

So I went to the BMV and did the license thing again. And yes they made me do the eyesight test again and pay another fee. I await the receipt of my new and improved license with breathless anticipation.

In the meantime – Cate on Monday started a four day conference – staying at a hotel in downtown.

Naturally this accelerated the arrival of the sea freight which duly turned up on Tuesday - so I spent Tuesday and Wednesday on my own trying to ensure that at least some of the boxes and furniture ended up in the right rooms.

Cate caringly rang me each day to see how it was going.

The task was harder than I expected and there will by quite a bit of schlepping to do over the next few weeks. Fortunately we have a loft and a basement so have room to put the more obscure items until we can get to them.

Tomorrow we move out of our apartment and take the cats to Delaware street. This will be the third traumatic event for them in a month so we are expecting a week or so of wobbliness. 


  1. I have got to give Cate credit, it is almost as if she plans these events. I thought cats could be made happy with the catnip, short term of course.

  2. Our very old cat screamed for 5 hours in the car while we drove for our first night in our new/old house. She was so glad to be out of the fucking car that she acted right at home within about 30 minutes. Maybe you should drive around with your cats for a couple of hours before arriving at the new abode, give them a feeling of release to be out of the car and back on solid ground, not wobbly at all.

  3. Our cat has been moved 3 times over the last 15 months. Each time she has remained her normal self, losing neither her equilibrium nor her poise. Of course, it may help that she's always been a neurotic fruitcake :)!

    If I had ever entertained thoughts of taking up residence in the US, following your posts over the last weeks would have changed my mind permanently...

    Hope all goes well with the schlepping.

  4. I was not able to come up with the right word to describe my current state of being, then you gave me 'wobbliness', ah, perfect. Good luck with the unboxing ...

  5. Take it slowly, Badger.
    All you need is your bed and a few towels. After that, one box at a time. You earned a little leisure time!

  6. Schlepping. You are a hoot Badger and obviously almost American; I hope they realise how lucky they are to have you. I feel a bit wobbly now myself.

  7. Can't wait to see pix, if you decide to share some. Your new house is beautiful! (Lynette being in real estate, I looked it up in the MLS listings) :)

  8. fmcgmccllc: Yes she is just amazing

    Mary Anne Rudolph: There was a bit of yowling in the car - but it was only for a half hour.

    Alexia: It is not supposed to be this hard.

    esb: Thanks

    Merisi: So many boxes......

    Sandy: It will take me a while to be American

    SK Waller: I have lost my camera in the house somewhere....