Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have been escalated

Most of the major living problems having been solved – we are now working on the other procedural issues as we make a life in Indianapolis – the entertainment capital of the mid-west.

We thought we needed a frisson of excitement in our lives so decided to subscribe to the printed edition of the New York Times. I did this online with the first delivery to start on 16 June.

It is now 26 June and I have yet to receive a single edition of the newspaper. I send a daily email to the NYT telling them that yet another day has passed without a delivery.

They reply – almost daily – with encouraging words saying that they are working on the problem and hope to resolve it soon.

There was a flurry of activity yesterday when instead of the usual form email I received…..

“Since this is the third complaint within one month we will also escalate this to our internal escalations department so they can look into this matter further to get this problem resolved permanently”

Well – I can’t ask for more than to be looked after by the internal escalations department – and we shall see what bounty their intervention will bring.

I just sent today’s email to the NYT and await their response. Is there a step beyond internal escalation?


  1. Internal Escalation Department - IED - oooooh, sounds dangerous to me!

  2. Perhaps less risky than External Escalation - which could be code for The Rapture...

  3. Does that mean that they have escalators that go up inside the building and the people who travel said escalators may be able to help you - I do hope so !! I would be totally frustrated if they had told me I would start receiving something on 16th June and I still didn't have it on 26th.

  4. I'd say they need a Negligence Department!
    The only good excuse would be if you were the last real print subscriber on earth, and the National Security Agency has to share that precious copy with the UK GCHQ before it reaches your doorstep.

  5. esb: an IUD could be worse.

    Alexia: Ah yes - the Rapture - I had forgotten about this - I wonder what the new date is now that 2012 passed us by.

    Me: One has to live with the vicissitudes of life here as nothing is easy

    Merisi: Ah yes - maybe as with the license - homeland security has stepped in.

  6. Same thing happened to me, although I can only get the NYT through the mail, I live 50 miles from the closest home delivery area. I paid through the mail, never got one paper. They did rather cheerfully refund my money. they couldn't imagine what the problem was. Are you sure they do home delivery in your area?