Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quite right too – you should be in church

To clear up any confusion – it was not my intention to import cat poo into America. I admit I should have emptied the container before the movers arrived – and after they did I just plain forgot.

As we all know – packers pack everything. At least I remembered to empty the rubbish bin. Some other bloggers have told me that a full rubbish bin has followed them to their new abode.

The movers also do some strange things. We have some ornaments Cate bought in Turkey and they each have little crescents on top of them. They unscrewed these things – which are each the size of a matchbox - and put them in a separate box.

We have found a few things like this where a relatively small item is spread over two or more boxes. This probably amuses them because it must be a very boring job. On the last move they spread my PC, keyboard and mouse over three boxes – talk about laugh.

Nothing dramatic has happened for a few weeks and I have almost a full set of the required documentation which enables me to be an honorary Hoosier.

I was proudly able to show my driver’s license as ID when asked a few days ago. This was when I was buying wine - and I am sure it was not because the retailer thought I was under 21 – they seem to ask everyone.

And you cannot buy alcohol in Indiana on Sundays. Quite right too – you should be in church.

We were asked to dinner at the home of a work colleague of Cate. They have a picture of President Obama on their wall so we felt right at home. We think they are probably not religious but did not go there just in case. 


  1. Now that you're getting settled in exotic america, i think it's time you start thinking of exotic outings. Perhaps the state fair to start? Will we see you in DC before end July?

  2. Our country's midsection is full of states that never got the news that Prohibition was repealed. I live in one as well, but here the liquor stores close at 9pm. We have only just this year been given permission to have beer or wine with our meals in public restaurants on Sundays. I have recently made friends with some members of the local Elks Club so am able to drink whatever I want any day or night of the week.

  3. We recently got permission to buy spirits before noon on Sunday, something to do with discrimination of the Jewish.

  4. Here in Tennessee, you can only buy liquor in liquor stores. And wine is available there too. But not beer. Must go to a separate store for beer. Often you can exit the door at the liquor store and enter the beer store right next door. You can buy beer at WalMart, except in the county where I live, Cocke County. Somehow, the local church community told wallyworld they wouldn't shop there if beer was sold. Amazingly enough, the giant retailer said ok. Every year the legislature votes down selling liquor in grocery stores. Go figure. Also, you cannot purchase Jack Daniels in the Tennessee county where it is distilled. It is a dry county, no liquor sold at all. Again go figure.

  5. TNDW: We will certainly go to the State fair - we are quite close to the fairgrounds. I don't think we will be inn Washington before early next year.

    SK Waller: Perhaps I need to meet some Elks

    fmcgmccllc: Very enlightened indeed.

    Mary Anne Rudolph: Makes as much sense as anything else we have found so far.