Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are you happy with your smile?

The NYT has lost interest and has reverted to sending me the usual blah emails. I think they realize that they have a problem they cannot solve and are hoping that at some stage I will just go away.

I have focused on a new problem – which is getting an appointment with a doctor. This is not as easy as it would seem to be as the doctors here are very busy and most are not taking new patients.

There is no such thing – as far as I can see – as rocking up to a doctor’s surgery and waiting to see him or her.  You have to ring to make an appointment and then wait at least two weeks to get in. You also have to describe your symptoms to whoever is making the appointment.

Perhaps they turn you away if they think you are not sick enough?

I had an appointment for yesterday but it was cancelled because the doctor was taken ill – they did not tell me with what  - but he apparently had to go to the emergency room.  

I have to wait another two weeks to see him – and no – no other doctors were available.

This is not a good country in which to be sick.

Meanwhile I broke a tooth and have to go to the dentist. It was easy to make an appointment but I had to fill out a five page form online. It included questions about my medical condition, previous operations, current medication – and was I happy with my smile? 


  1. Tell them yes on the smile, they are just trying to sell you those phony glue on teeth. I am blessed with great docs and once you are in the program you can get in quite easily if you have a good doc. There are also thousands of urgent care places and thankfully I have never had to go there. As you enjoy reading, never go anywhere without a book, trust me on this one.

  2. If I did my math correctly, then its been 1660 days since I have been to a doctor, not including the hundred times I have chaffeured other people and Cooper. When I wish to teLL Cooper where Tamie is at when she has been in the hospital, I just teLL him that she is at the vet.

  3. I have an american friend who constantly tells me just how bad it is over there!

  4. Health care is in a shambles over here. If you don't have insurance, like me, tough luck. If I got something really serious, I'd just have to kick the bucket. As it is, I have to self-treat my Hashimoto's Disease because I can't afford all the specialists it requires. I have a GP and that's it. Oh well. To be honest, I'm doing pret-ty damned well most of the time, and I'm not paying a fortune for needless, designer prescriptions!

    The Urgent Care places are the best bet when you need to see a doctor fast. Unless, of course, you're having a heart attack from paying the bill. The best bet then is to go to the ER, where you'll wait hours to be seen.

    Welcome to America! :/

  5. fmcgmccllc: I am hoping the doc thing will get better. I have found out about the books!

    esb: You are a lucky man. Do come to Indy to find one.

    Simon: And expensive

    SK Waller: Yes I am very lucky to have insurance because of Cate's job = otherwise I would be history.