Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Up to our ears again

We are up to our ears in snow again today. The cats are not nearly as interested as they have been in the past and I think Sissi in particular is beginning to understand that snow is just wet white stuff that sticks to your paws.

As soon as we get some decent light I shall leap across to Stadtpark to take some pictures – at the moment it is just too dark. But Merisi tells me that she has actually been in Stadtpark today photographing MY Ducks.

Cate has gone to Qatar where there is definitely no snow – although in a week or so she is off to the Ukraine – I am not sure what city -  so will have more snow there than she will ever need.

I would love to go to the Ukraine but it is just so damn difficult to get a visa to visit these countries – and I just never understand why they make it so hard. 

Billy is back – briefly. He has an electrical problem so will need another quick visit to the workshop. I had to take him out today and was extra careful because Rozalin gets so disappointed with me when I scratch him – which is inevitable given the nature of his accommodation.

I am of course fascinated by the resignation of the Pope. He says he is too old feeble to do his job. I Could make many comments about this but will maintain  a respectful silence. With some difficulty.


  1. My F-350 had an elec-trickle problem too. The cable(s) that joins the two batteries were faulty causing a complete shutdown on a sporadic basis.

    It is snowing the heaviest time of the entire season here finaLLy, been pretty to watch. Cooper has been veRy good about obeying when asked to wipe his feet by walking in circles and sitting on the large towel by the back door. I don't think he has complained once about that request. There are other, meatier logical, instead of meteorological, issues to be verbal about as weLL as cheese.

    I told Tamie this morning I can now try out for the pope's job that there is a vacancy. She asked why I would want to be pope. I told her I had absolutely no desire to do the job, but somebody needs to (I guess), so it could be me. I bet I would make some interesting changes ... he he ha ha ho ho. I told her, besides, I couldn't be married if I was the pope, so that would mean that I would have to get rid of her, to which she replied HA! ... so maybe she would vote for me. The first thing I would do would be to rename the church with a Jamaican accent, so that people would be forced to caLL it the "Cat-Holy-Lick Choich". (I just wrote that a few seconds ago and wiLL probably giggle for hours)

  2. Yeah, I was out photographing the pond, concentrating on the pigeons, but those pesky ducks kept leaping at the chance to be in the picture!

    One other note: the moment I approached the duck pond, my phone rang. Guess who's calling me, going on about the ducks are his????

  3. P.S.: That cat picture is adorable!

  4. The pope's resignation is very promising. Perhaps QEII will see the light? Doesn't have to be incapacitated, just handing over... When will OZ become a republic?

  5. esb: I am sure you could fix my electrical problem. Does Cooper like the snow. Perhaps we could do the Pope job thing together - the first thing I would do would be to change the rules so that Cate could live in the Vatican with me.

    Merisi: I just know by instinct when people are messing about with my Ducks. Glad you like the cat pic.

    Annie: You wish. When Malcolm Turnbull becomes PM.