Wednesday, February 20, 2013


You would not think that someone with effectively nothing to do could be so busy - but I am easily distracted so find pleasure in even the smallest things. I can watch the snow for hours – for example. Which is just as well because that’s about all we get around here – not that I am complaining – but…..

Or – when I get really desperate – I can rub two cats to get warm. And yes I could get the air conditioning fixed – ESB could come and do this – but then it would be stuffed for Summer when we really need it – and I just know the cold weather cannot last too much longer.

There is in fact not a lot to do when Cate is way because when I am not looking after her – there are only the cats and they don’t really need much attention – although I do talk to them quite a bit.

There is breakfast – lunch for Sissi (yes she has lunch) and dinner for Monika (Sissi does not eat dinner and Monika does not eat lunch).

I don’t remember how the lunch routine started with Sissi but I was probably making something with mince and she always wants whatever I am preparing (She will eat almost anything and her very favorite is Parmesan cheese).

And ever since then she has demanded a little bit of fresh mince every day – which is OK because I am sure it keeps her healthy - and she is certainly glossy and sleek and seems to be fairly well adjusted.

But with one thing and another – mainly another – I have been really too busy to blog - and to read blogs. So today I am catching up.

And the sun is finally shining – even though it has been snowing this morning - so soon the Austrians will emerge shouting excitedly in the streets and start preparing for Spring.


  1. I have learned to only prepare Cooper food when he asks for it. Animals love conversations. He also likes the siLLy songs I sing to him while I use him as percussion his tail responds metronomicaLLy. Do cats have a distinct smile? I am walking more but avoiding the windy days, so exercising indoors.

  2. Sammy Dog refuses to keep a schedule with his feeding but he has totally given up canned food. I only give him a bite of protein now and again as he was having some problems with his tummy. Our warmer weather is still at least 7 to 8 weeks out.

  3. Our dogs eat morning and night but if you have anything during the day, they will snuffle it up in an instant. They LOVE apples - so when we see them on sale we buy a couple of kgs and then give them one or two a day.
    If you have any spare sunshine, please send some to the Gold Coast - we haven't seen the sun more than about 30 mins since the Saturday !
    Have a great day !

  4. Yes. I say that too.
    I'm very busy for a general bludger.
    So much stuffing around to do, so little time!

  5. Esb: I also sing to the cats. I am on my own a lot and go a bit wobbly.

    fmcgmccllc: You could set the clock by my cats. Sissi will start pawing me if I
    do not get out of bed to give her breakfast at the appropriate time.

    Me: Apples? Never heard of dogs eating apples - but why not.

    hits: I can always find something on which to waste time.